Rahul J Nair (Co-Founder)

21st century is the most vibrant and fastest period in the history of mankind. The advent of technology in human lives has revolutionised every aspect of an individual’s life. “This is a time our children receive right and responsible support from parents to keep them future-ready”. However, the question is whether our parents receive the right guidance to support children in the most appropriate manner.

Lifology – a Guinness World Record Winning Guidance App and EdTech organization is a comprehensive guidance platform that empowers the parents to guide their children in shaping-up self and achieving success in life. This ‘Parents first app’ gives personalized guidance to the parent community in order to make their children future ready by focusing on four important parameters – education & learning guidance, skill development, emotional wellness and career planning. The one of a kind EdTech organisation is led by CEO, Praveen Parameswar, an alumnus of London School of Economics and by a team of professionals which includes alumni from Harvard, IIM (A), Cardiff University. 

Research has proven that 76% of children are influenced by parents when it comes to education, career and many other important decisions relating to their future. Lifology aims to transform every parent in India to a real ‘Guru’ who influences their children to take the most appropriate decisions. Lifology with its unique methodology works with parents by exposing scientific ways of supporting children, reducing stereotypes associated with education, skill development, emotional well-being and career planning and provides them with enough information that can support them to develop their children. For an example, the Lifology approach to career planning is based on 3 Ps where they encourage a child to pursue their passion, align the skillset with their personalities and inform them of future possibilities. Series of videos and lectures are available on the app coupled with a set of 8 assessments to understand the personality and map them correctly to a child’s interest.

Praveen Parameswar (Co-Founder)

“Lifology’s new initiative L-GEN (Lifology Global Network) created a positive impact in the education sector with over 300 top schools joining the community to enhance education. LGEN is an elite network of premium schools, educationalists, corporates, policy makers, education technology wizards and researchers across the globe. It aims to meet all the guidance needs of the school by providing personalised guidance for parents and children on areas such as education, skill development, emotional well-being and career planning”, says CEO, Praveen Parameswar.

Only a few children — under 5 percent — are on the right track as they pursue future. Despite extensive support in the way of counsellors in most schools, a vast majority of the students make the wrong decisions in life snowballs into underperformance in every area of life. This leads to a life of stress, unhappiness, and a lack of fulfilment and purpose. As they lose confidence, rising technology takes over their jobs. Their dreams lose life, before they ever got the chance to begin. Lifology aims to solve exactly this problem.

Lifology is the partner of GEMS (Dubai), the largest K12 Education chain in the world and associated with various State Governments of India including State of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala etc. It has branches across the UK, UAE, Middle East, and India. Lifology has hosted various celebrity mentors & thought leaders in their platform like Jennifer Wiseman (NASA Scientist), Dr Shashi Tharoor (Diplomat), Chetan Bhagat (Author), Dr Kiran Bedi (Frmr Governor), Justice Kurian Joseph (Frmr Supreme Court Judge), Madhavan Nair (Frmr ISRO Chief), Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Arnab Goswami (Media), Barkha Dutt (Media), Iryna Poladko (Russian Life Coach), Mukesh Kapila (Professor Manchester University), Henrik Von Scheel (Management Thinker, Germany), Tim Maliekal (Director, Google Videos), Sean Chappel (Royal Marine Commando) and many more. The organisation and their initiatives have been well covered in Indian National media like Forbes India, Times of India, The Hindu, Republic, NDTV, Hindustan Times and also presented on platforms like TEDx, APCDA conference in China. 

Rahul J Nair, Co-founder of Lifology concluded saying, “We assist the schools to initiate a ‘Future Guidance Hub’ powered by Artificial intelligence and machine learning. LGEN is a very premium invite-only community and currently, we are hosting only top three hundred eminent schools. Just like Google Navigation map helps us to reach our preferred destination, Lifology Guidance App helps a parent to navigate and pave the way for the future of their children. Extensive research of many years have gone into developing such a deep guidance ecosystem