As an initiative to empower students and generate entrepreneurship skills, Delhi Government sets up a Business Blasters programme.

On September 7, 2021, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia launched ‘Business Blasters’ programme in the city. The programme’s motive is to grow new and young entrepreneurs in schools by financing students with seed funds to initiate their business. Under the “Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum”, this new step by the Delhi government of launching programme for students will be put in practice in each government school of the city.

At the launch event at the Thygraj Stadium, Manish Sisodia said, “I am proud to launch this Business Blasters programme. It is going to be the foundation stone in the development of the country.” 

As per the initiative, students of classes 11 and 12 will be granted a seed fund of Rs. 2,000 to commence a business. Calling attention towards India’s progress, Sisodia shared, “This programme, for the students of classes 11-12, is going to be the basis of the country’s progress. Through this, children will not run after jobs, but jobs will come after these children.” Adding further, he also expressed that if the programme is executed properly, India will transform from being called a developing country to a developed one. 

In this view, he said, “When I was in school, we used to read that India was a developing country. Today, our children are reading that India is still a developing country, but if we don’t implement this programme properly, the children of our children will also read that India is still a developing country.” Adding to that, he continued, “But, if implemented properly, we will be able to change this history in our textbooks, and say that India is not a developing, but a developed country.

The programme was initiated at the School of Excellence Khichripur, in which the Delhi government, giving details, said that 9 groups of 41 students in each group were formed and each student was bestowed a seed grant of Rs. 1,000, out of which they made considerable profits. 

Arriving on the country’s issue of unemployment, Sisodia said that the step undertaken for the students will also contribute in addressing the unemployment issue of our country. “We say that India is a country of youth but it is a country of educated yet unemployed. EMC(Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum) will change this picture and make India a country of educated and capable youth. That day is not far when every child coming out of Delhi’s schools will not ask for a job but will create a job,” he said.

In his view, India is facing a major drawback in the Indian Education System which is that students are not induced with the entrepreneurial attitude. Sharing his mind, he said, “We are teaching them to work hard, making them talented but have failed to instill in them the courage to become an entrepreneur. These talents of ours were taken away by foreign companies and this benefited the economy of those countries.”

About the future plans, Sisodia shared some information about the EMC programme. He said that an EMC carnival will be set up with 100 best projects from Business Blasters at zonal as well as district level, judged by well-known entrepreneurs and universities. As a reward, children from the top 10 projects will be taken in the BBA courses in Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology and Delhi Technological University.