Neelima Agarwal had recently laid off by Meta who is an IT professional, she declared openly about her downsizing on the LinkedIn platform.

Among the 11,000 people who were laid off by Meta, are some Indian IT professionals who quit their stable job to join Meta. As per the reports, an estimated 11,000 global employees were discharged by Meta.

Relocated to Canada from India just a week back and joined meta 2 days ago after going through such a long visa process. But the unfortunate sad day has come and I got laid off,” Neelima Agarwal mentioned.

Neelima was an employee at Microsoft in the State of Hyderabad-India, she left her all-stable job to join Meta. Overall 13% of Meta’s workforce has been dismissed.

I joined Meta three days back after waiting for the long visa process. Thanks to all the folks who made that transition smooth. Really sad that this happened, my heart goes out for everyone who is affected by the layoffs,” Vishwajeet Jha posted.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pledged 16 weeks of base pay plus two additional weeks for every year of service as a severance package to the impacted employees.

Another Meta Employee named Raju Kadam stated that he never faced job loss in the 16 years of his service in the US.

I have an H1-B visa my clock to leave the US has started today. I have been in the US for 16 years and seen 2008, 2015 (oil), and 2020 downturns, but never lost my job,” he said, adding that his sons are US citizens and their lives will be impacted.

As part of its cost-cutting program, Twitter is said to have laid off about 7,500 people worldwide, including more than half of the company’s employees in India.