ChatGPT will help browsers to provide real results and results of chat requests.

Google is ready to launch a ChatGPT competitor soon, company CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed. He revealed the tech giant’s plans to add AI capabilities to its search engine.

Sundar Pichai said at his Q4 earnings conference on Wednesday that people will soon be able to interact directly with his newest and most powerful search companion experimentally and innovatively.

Google Search uses a language model for conversational applications that is unique to the company. This helps the browser to provide real results and results of conversation requests.

Pichai said the improved search could be submitted for testing in the coming weeks and months. The development will take place during the Google IO 2023 event scheduled for May.

During the earnings talk, the Google CEO hinted at the development, often referring to the possibilities of AI and how the world is using it, referring to the answer to ChatGPT. “Artificial Intelligence is the most profound technology we are working on today,” Pichai said. Moreover, he announced that “Google will also soon offer new tools and APIs for developers to build and design their applications on AI.”

Regarding concerns about Pichai said the company has been investing for some time and it is clear that the market is ready to embrace AI-powered platforms. He added, “I feel comfortable with all the investments we have made in making sure we can develop AI responsibly and we’ll be careful.”

Meanwhile, according to the US technology giant Google, some of the personal information of customers who use the Google Fi service may have been stolen by hackers in a recent cyber attack. This was reported by the US news website The Verge, which reported that the cyber attack was likely related to the T-Mobile data breach earlier this month.

An email sent by Google to customers using Google Fi states that major cellular network providers have become aware of suspicious activity on systems containing data from Google Fi customers. According to Google, hackers were able to access some user data through the compromised system, including phone numbers, SIM serial numbers, account status, and information about mobile service plans.

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