Google tags will most likely come in a variety of colors, but the leaker can’t provide details at this time. Google is said to be working on its own geotagging.

According to the developer and trusted leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, the tech giant is working on a smart tracker similar to Apple’s AirTag. The device is currently codenamed “grog”, which appears to be inspired by the Star Wars baby Yoda character.

I recently noticed a comment that Google is working on supporting locator tags in Fast Pair,” he tweeted. According to him, the Google Nest team is working on the device. He added that the device will be equipped with speakers like the Apple AirTag.

This device seems to support UWB as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.” A UWB or ultra-wideband connection provides precise range compared to Bluetooth. It also supports accurate distance estimation and display of tag orientation.

Google geotags will most likely come in a variety of colors, but the leaker can’t provide details at this time. He revealed that Google is currently working with several chipset manufacturers to enable the new Fast Pair-based technology in their products so that OEMs can develop their own trackers without the hassle.

A release date for Google’s future tracking device is yet to be announced. However, the company is expected to announce the technology at Google I/O around June of this year and then launch it alongside new Google Pixel devices at its annual fall event.

In more news, cybersecurity firm Imperva Red has discovered a flaw in Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers that puts the data of more than 2.5 billion users at risk. Dubbed CVE-2022-3656, the vulnerability allowed the theft of sensitive files such as cryptocurrency wallets and cloud provider credentials, the company said.

The vulnerability was discovered through a review of the ways the browser interacts with the file system, specifically looking for common vulnerabilities related to the way browsers process symlinks,” the blog reads.