Under Twitter Blue, variously colored checkmarks denote the various types of accounts. Undo-Tweet, Themes, Bookmarks, and other features are available on Twitter Blue as well.

On Monday, Twitter Blue went live with a brand-new ecosystem of features and verification badges. The cost of the membership has increased from $7.99 to $8 for customers who use the internet to purchase it and to $11 for customers who use iOS.

There are also multiple-colored checkmarks indicating the various account types. Undo-Tweet, Themes, Bookmarks, and other features are available on Twitter Blue as well. An ad-free experience is not available to subscribers of Twitter Blue. However, Twitter has guaranteed that subscribers would only see half as many adverts as free members.

Two badges—the conventional Blue checkmark and a special, exclusive “Gold” checkmark for Twitter for Business accounts—have been introduced by Twitter Blue. Additionally, the business will introduce a new “Grey” checkmark for Twitter usernames held by governments.

Users of Twitter Blue can access additional services through a subscription-based service. These qualities include, among others:

Bookmark folders

Users of Twitter Blue can group their saved Tweets into folders for later, easier access. They are always private and they are allowed to make an infinite number of bookmarks and folders.

Custom app icons

Users can customize the Twitter app icon’s appearance on their phones. There are numerous alternatives, and new featured looks might occasionally be added.


 A variety of vibrant app themes are available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Custom navigation

Users can choose which items appear in their navigation bar using the custom navigation function, giving them rapid access to the sites and places they care about most. In the bottom navigation bar, they can choose two to six items to keep or, if they change their minds, restore to default.

Top stories

The most popular articles from users who the user follows and those they follow are listed in this shortcut. Users may now quickly find the kind of information they wish to read thanks to this.


With the help of this function, users can enjoy threads with less noise and in a format that is easier to read. By tapping the reader icon at the top of the thread, they can enable the Reader feature and/or alter the font size.

Undo Tweet

Users have the option to take back a Tweet using this function after sending it but before it is seen by other users of Twitter. It’s not an edit button; rather, it gives you the ability to evaluate and amend a Tweet before you publish it. Following the expiration of the Undo period, the Tweet is visible to the user’s followers, who can choose to leave it or delete it as they would normally on Twitter.


Elon Musk set a price of $8 for Twitter Blue subscribers in the US who order it through the website. Customers who purchase it through the iOS and Apple App Store will pay $11 for the same membership with the same number of advantages.