Being affluent can sometimes be considered a privilege, but sometimes be welcoming as a token of hard work. When we experience the fruits of our efforts, there is always an indulging motive towards rewarding oneself. And that can be fulfilled at an exponential rate with a luxury car. In India, owning a luxury car is considered to be a symbol of a premium lifestyle and we have to accept the delicacy of the design that comes with these expensive four-wheelers.

Big Boy Toyz Business

In countries like the UK, USA, Europe, and other developed nations, premium cars are quite popular as the purchasing power is high. Now in India, due to vast scale development and unicorn startups, these premium four-wheelers can be seen very often on our roads.

When you have the means and resources to buy these cars, driving one from a showroom with a massive collection of luxury cars is an obvious aspiration. Big Boy Toyz is India’s one of largest sellers and buyers of luxury cars and you can understand their business model from this piece of information. 

Big Boy Toyz is also popularly known as BBT and was formed in 2009 by the visionary, Jatin Ahuja. Jatin had a goal to transform the pre-owned luxury car industry in India and he did excel phenomenally. As one steps into the showroom of Big Boy Toyz, eyes will be more than just astonished by exotic cars manufactured by Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many more. 

The Big Boy Toyz started with a showroom in Gurugram and is currently headquartered there. With business going at a positive pace, BBT opened showrooms in Hyderabad and Mumbai also. Reports indicate that Jatin Ahuja started his business with just Rs. 70,000 in his pocket. But within the first year of inception, Big Boy Toyz bagged a turnover of Rs. 6 crores. The reputation and customer support of Big Boy Toyz took the brand to stand as one of the top businesses in India.

BBT shaped the pre-owned luxury car industry in India.

BBT shaped the pre-owned luxury car industry in India. They further expanded their reach by offering to purchase exotic cars online in 2017. Along with supercars and luxury four-wheelers, Big Boy Toyz started introducing superbikes and premium two-wheelers to its customers in 2019. Such attention to the industry was a first for any brand and BBT nailed it in every instance. 

Who is the main audience for Big Boy Toyz ?

Jatin Ahuja’s premium car dealing business was coupled with impeccable customer support. Surveys indicate that more than 6,000 luxury cars have been sold by BBT since 2009 to different cities in India. When considering luxury cars, we have to accept the clientele to be dealt with utmost gratitude and provide acceptable car rates. 

The large range of cars in BBT’s showroom is from Rs. 50 lakh to about Rs. 4 crores. Celebrities and prestigious people in society are mostly the buyers of these cars from BBT. India is growing in terms of standard of living and family income limits. These prices are also being accepted by a lot of other people, who have placed themselves in a higher income class. 

Business Strategy of Big Boy Toyz : 

Big Boy Toyz sells pre-owned luxury cars which are already priced at a super premium range. This is the main source of revenue for BBT. The brand also stresses customer support which retains customers to come back again to their showroom

A lot of celebrities in India have pre-owned cars and when it is being offered at an optimum condition, there is no doubt about moving away from such an exciting price range. Celebrities and higher-class people using these cars also maintain the car’s value over time.  

What is so special about Big Boy Toyz ?

Big Boy Toyz sells luxury pre-owned cars at an attractive rate. They have also introduced selling premium two-wheelers which expands their product portfolio at a huge rate. The cars that are offered by BBT have to go through 151 quality checks, which makes it more reliable for the person aiming to buy these cars. 

What is so special about Big Boy Toyz ?

These premium cars also encourage transparency when it comes to insurance history and the customers get to have that sense of relief. These are cars not meant for the usual commute, so such powerful engines get to run just about 20,000 km or so. The quality checks followed by BBT validate that the car free from any sort of tampering from the previous owner. 

How much money does Big Boy Toyz make?

In the year 2020, Big Boy Toyz made a revenue of Rs. 100 crores to Rs. 500 crores. The brand was able to sell about 140 luxury cars even during the pandemic and BBT experienced an increase of about 48% in their sales after the first lockdown. 

Who doesn’t love a super fast and premium car? Probably none and to listen to that roar at a certain RPM is a breath of fresh air for many. Yes! It is true that not everyone can afford these cars. But if you can buy these cars, a taste of power with premium often runs through each gear shift. 

How much money does Big Boy Toyz make?

With brands like Big Boy Toyz, owning a luxury got accessible and seamless. The beautiful customer support coupled with a vast collection to choose from will tend to keep the buyer running through the corridor out of joy.  

A rather interesting fact is that after the pandemic, the demand to buy luxury cars has increased a lot. Maybe it steers to the feeling that life is unexpected and if you have the money to buy these premium cars, why not dive into one now? It is always better to enjoy that sweet engine and pump up that throttle to surge in a bit of adrenaline along the way. It is evident that India is embracing a good lifestyle and one who can afford such a premium experience should surely consider buying these exotic four-wheelers from Big Boy Toyz.