CureBay has revealed their Series A funding from Elevar Equity with an estimated amount of ₹50 crores or about $6.1 million

CureBay is a healthcare organization founded to provide high healthcare facilities in remote locations. CureBay has cracked access to remote areas intending to treat patients with low infrastructures. CureBay’s healthcare model provides holistic patient care and convenience to rural patients, enabling physician consultation and facilitating the purchase of medicines and pathology tests in hospitals.

The capital will enable the next phase of expansion and help reinforce our position in the country,” declared Mohapatra, founder, and chief executive of CureBay.

This startup is specialized in providing a cost-effective manner, hybrid models enable teleconsultation, drug delivery, meeting patient diagnostic needs, and facilitating tertiary care admissions at partner hospitals.

The healthcare ecosystem needs an innovative model that enables it to collaborate on a real-time basis to deliver health outcomes to patients across the country. Our hybrid model helps in overcoming the challenges of skewed patient-provider ratios and the concentration of providers in a few urban pockets,” he mentioned.

We, at Elevar Equity, have long held the view that rural healthcare platforms need to be custom-designed for this market. CureBay’s distribution model with assisted tech is well-positioned to address a massive gap – millions of customers are eager to pay for quality healthcare in medically underserved areas,” Jyotsna Krishnan, managing partner, Elevar Equity, said.