The modern society has turned to be innovative and demands constant development in order to stay afloat with changing trends of the market. There has always been a quest to earn more fulfillment out of our career when it comes to personal and professional growth.

But in order to achieve it today requires careful perspective about the job market. The competition is on the higher side with limited jobs for professionals. Business Outreach Magazine wants to share the success story of Debarya Dutta, Founder and CEO of Upraised, an AI platform for talent acquisition in the current job market.

A Brief History- 

There will be challenges and expectations which need to be marked with patience and dedication. A goal being set often wants us to curate the best way towards success. Debarya Dutta empowers the objective of people who choose to go further heights and admire exploration of every opportunity. 

Being a first-generation entrepreneur, Debarya Dutta has had expertise in independent consulting with an in-depth understanding in business development and product management. 

Debarya had always chalked out a pathway to create something of his own. So instead of pursuing further education, he steered himself towards entrepreneurship and he is glad that he did so. When Debarya was studying his undergraduate, he did multiple jobs at Multinational National companies like Byju’s, Panasonic, and WorkIndia that allowed him to understand the system of recruiting in India along with several other leadership trajectories. 

Struggles and Success Story-

An immense gap persists between the job seekers and the recruiters which Debarya wants to bridge with Upraised. There are several talented individuals who cannot highlight their resumes to the recruiting team of a company due to lack of proper evaluation of the individual’s outstanding skills. Such incidents lead to a lot of lost opportunities for skilled talents and Upraised wants to bring here a dominant positive impact.

In order to attain rewards, one has to perform relevant actions towards a goal and Debarya believes in such values. Debarya Dutta has studied Economics and has been a part of the Stanford Seed Spark program, which is a closely knit program for select entrepreneurs curated by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Debarya always empowers that a startup requires constant learning and that is what inspires Debarya to move forward. 

With Upraised, Debarya Dutta wants to ease the taxing process of recruiting with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The uniqueness of the solution of Upraised is that the company is not a job board like indeed or naukri but provides automated assessment or evaluation tools for specific job roles for the secondary levels of screenings as well. 

Key Takeaways- 

In just 2 years, Upraised have worked on several projects with companies like Byju’s, HUL, Calvin-Klein, Alpha-Numero, Codeclouds, Elogix and Series A/B funded startups like Settlin, Traya, Wow Momo, Trameter and others. Upraised is also an accelerator which is funded by BITS Pilani and IIM Udaipur. In the last 1.5 years, Upraised has generated a revenue of about Rs. 50 lakh. Currently, there are close to the second round of funding in March, 2023.

Upraised has been recognized as a change maker to the state of Bengal by Nasscom and HIDCO and has been recognized as top HR tech companies to watch for by Great Companies and nominated for top 500 MSME Awards. The company also partnered with colleges like IIEST, Shibpur and many more in the E-Summits. Apart from leading multiple government projects and helping a wide range of clients, Debarya Dutta has also mentored several startups to succeed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Debarya Dutta believes in his ideal, “When your back is against the wall, that’s when your journey begins”.