A 4th year Computer Science and Engineering at Jadavpur University Kolkata has secured a job at Meta owned Facebook with a whopping annual package of Rs 1.8 crore

Bisakh Mondal, Kolkata’s Jadavpur University student, grabbed the headlines recently for bagging a job with Facebook in London with an annual package of ₹1.8 crore. Mondal had also cracked interviews with Google and Amazon, but preferred to reject those for the Facebook offer. “I thought choosing Facebook would be the best as the pay package offered by them was high,” Bisakh told media.

Cracking interviews with Facebook, Google and Amazon is not an easy job and speaking about what had helped him, Bisakh told Indian Express, “In the past two years during the Covid-19 pandemic, I got the opportunity to do internships at several organisations and gather knowledge outside my curriculum studies. This has helped me crack the interviews.”

As per the news reports, this is the highest pay package a student from JU (Jadavpur university) received this year. Previously, nine JU students from various engineering departments had secured overseas jobs with pay packages exceeding ₹1 crore. Samita Bhattacharya, placement officer at JU, pointed out, “This is the first time since the pandemic that students have got such a large number of international offers.”

Bisakh’s mother who is an anganwadi worker asserted that he has been a “meritorious student since childhood.” “It is a matter of great pride for us. We struggled a lot to see him achieve greater heights. He was always serious about his studies. After scoring good marks in higher secondary exams and joint entrance exam, he got admission to Jadavpur University,” said Bisakh’s mother told reporters.

As of June 2022 Meta (Facebook) has a market cap of $562.19 Billion. This makes Meta (Facebook) the world’s 7th most valuable company by market cap according to data published by companies market cap. The market capitalization, commonly called market cap, is the total market value of a publicly-traded company’s outstanding shares and is commonly used to measure how much a company is worth.