The approach to work has evolved vastly over the years. Professionals highly appreciate flexibility as it boosts productivity and efficiency. The place where you work is as important as your work itself. When you are inspired by peers, learn new skills and collaborate for growth, the place of work holds a pivotal aspect in your career. Today, Business Outreach Magazine wants our avid readers to dive into the success story of Sunil Yadav, whose strategic move in co-founding Aarna Coworking, embraces stellar leadership. 

Sunil Yadav

In 2018, Sunil Yadav and Sandeep Toshniwal co-founded Aarna Coworking in Jaipur. Sunil shares that starting a business involves a great deal of patience, perseverance and analysis. Earlier, getting to set up a sustainable infrastructure was a matter of concern for emerging businesses, which had limited capital. We, the citizenry, can vouch for Bharat’s growing startup ecosystem. Our country has the third largest startup hubs in the world. This spectacular foundation inspired Sunil along with Sandeep to dive into the industry of coworking infrastructure. 

While setting up Aarna Coworking, Sunil expresses that they focused on high speed internet, exceptional hospitality services, parking spaces, conference rooms, office cabins, high quality furniture and many other metrics. Due to the operational expertise of Aarna Coworking, under the leadership of Sunil and Sandeep, the company expanded rapidly. Sunil Yadav is vocal about the fact that word of mouth enhanced their business growth. Aarna Coworking started with 32 seats in their first center. Currently, they are working with 82 clients which includes professionals from Fortune 500 companies. Aarna Coworking operates from 14 centers all over the city of Jaipur. The company entered the market of Uttar Pradesh, with two centers growing rapidly at Lucknow. 

Aarna Coworking collaborates with 700 employees, who appreciate the flexible rates of Aarna Coworking. Sunil Yadav is an advocate of inspiration and he created Aarna Coworking with Sandeep to exercise workplace creativity and valued collaboration among freelancers, startups and professionals. With Aarna Coworking, Sunil Yadav aims to paint the evolution of coworking, where there will be a positive impact on the mindset of professionals. 

Generating revenue has been an essential part of Aarna Coworking. Here Sunil says that when a company puts client satisfaction at the top most priority, new avenues of revenue opens up. The modern economy has allowed us to think again on our way of life and work plays an important role in personal growth. With Aarna Coworking, professionals derive optimism through the motivating working space which offers affordability for new businesses and monumental landscape of positivity for new Bharat.