Twitter’s upcoming feature was put on test which will let you remove followers without actually blocking them

Twitter, a social networking service, is testing its latest feature on the web which allows users to alter their list of followers. This brand-new feature will give access to removing unwanted followers without actually blocking them. 

Formerly, to remove a follower from the account’s follower list, twitter’s users had to block first, and then unblock them. However, with the new feature, it will be way more convenient for people to remove someone from their follower’s list. With the new update, it is also informed that the removed user will not be notified when they are erased from someone’s list of followers. However, the introduced update is not accessible to the public to date.

Twitter is quite in the talks to be working on its ‘Tip Jar’, which will enable its users to support and empower their favorite voices on the platform. In this regard, Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s Product Head, informed that the platform is still under the operation of allowing Bitcoin transactions for its ‘Tip Jar’ plan. Apart from this cryptocurrency transaction, the platform has reportedly tied up with different well-known payment services including Bandcamp, PayPal, Patreon, Venmo, etc.