Chats load will last 50 messages or the last hour of chats, whichever is less.

Streaming platform Twitch recently announced that the company is introducing a new “chat history” feature. This helps viewers “catch up” with everything related to the streamer’s channel.

The streaming platform Twitch tweeted on Monday which reads, “Starting today we’ll be rolling out Chat History for everyone! Catch up with what’s happening on the channel – chat will load the last 50 messages or last hour of chat, whichever is less.” The platform also says new features will be introduced within the next few days, so users don’t have to worry about not being able to find them yet.

In the tweet, several users commented trying to understand the feature in depth. One of the users commented, “(Assuming I’m not dumb and understand this properly). So someone who’s just come into the stream will have the last 50/last hour of chat available to read and know anything they missed, cus that is awesome.”

The company replied, “You understand this perfectly, only thing to add it’s last 50 messages or last hour, whichever is less. For example, if a chat has 80 messages sent in the last hour, the latest 50 will be shown, not all 80.”

Twitch updated its advertising incentives program last month to reflect community requests and streamline the program. Users can end their subscriptions after signing up and have more flexibility to customise the number of ads they run.

The company said in a blog post, “We are also improving the ad running experience. We have heard from you all that it can be difficult to know when an ad is about to run, thereby making it difficult to prepare yourself and your community for the interruption. We will make changes to Ads Manager to help you have more visibility and control over when the ads roll.”

The platform is also working on Twitch Turbo to provide users with an ad-free experience. It comes with additional features like ad-free browsing, chat emoticons and icon upgrades.