ICC T20 World Cup is among the most looked-forward-to cricketing extravaganzas across the world with billion-plus fans and giant brands funding the event.

Most organizations are partnering with the T20 World Cup 2024 which is the climax event in international cricket that is ongoing. The tournament conducted in 2022 had made the Cricket World Cup second most-watched event in the world with more than 200 million viewers only after FIFA World Cup. This is a large audience base that is greatly benefiting from the programmes aired by the station, while at the same time offers a market for advertising breaks for corporate institutions.

ICC T20 World Cup

Here Below The List Of Top Sponsors of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 

Sponsorship LevelSponsor
Premier PartnersEmirates
DP World
Global PartnersCoca-Cola
IndusInd Bank
Official SupportersNear Foundation
Social Responsibility PartnerCricket for Good

Premier Partners:

For this purpose, the following subsidiary pillars of support have been identified:

The top of the sponsorship  are the Premier Partners, which require extensive capital investment and exposure. These key industry players understand the strategic importance of the ICC T20 World Cup event, keying in on this international appeal to complement their brands vigorously.

Emirates:  Top Sponsors of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 


Source: NerdWallet

Emirates, the largest worldwide airline for international passengers, has been indeed a major partner associated with the ICC, having now extended their deal until 2031. These ICC events include the T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy as well as the Cricket World Cup The deal has now placed Emirates among the list of most seasoned sponsors in the global sport.

This was also said to occur in the 2024 T20 world cup, where emirates would continue to logo and be the exclusive sponsor on names of the emirates ICC’s elite panel of umpires and match referees. Such high-profile visibility makes its association with Emirates reinforce ‘brand values’ such as efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism – values that would appeal to millions of cricket-mad fans.

Aramco: Top Sponsors of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 


Source: The Economic Times

Aramco or formerly known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company is an integrated energy and chemicals company which became the ICC’s Global Partner in 2022. But their aim became more elevated at a higher level since in 2024 the status of the company became Premier Partner and the deal was made for four years till 2027.

This goes beyond that particular aspect since the Aramco logo will now be placed on the revered Player of the Match trophies during the T20 World Cup. In associating its brand with one of cricket’s most prestigious personal honours, Aramco is now establishing its name as an embodiment of success and triumph, which both the players and the fans cherish.

DP World: Top Sponsors of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 

DP World

Source: Google Play

DP World, the international supply chain solutions provider based in the United Arab Emirates, has gradually assumed the prime importance to the ICC and its globalization agenda. Leveraging the ICC’s  of 75 countries in six different continents, DP World’s know-how will assist the ICC in its quest to have more countries participate in top tier tournaments.

As the official global logistics partner for the T20 World Cup, DP World will be responsible for the transport logistics of equipment and infrastructures needed to take the game of T20 to the farthest corners of the cricket-playing nations. Starting from balls that have a cork to the linseed oil applied on the bat itself conveys the logistical enablers for an event such as this one to happen with the assistance of DP World.

Global Partners: Expanding the Message and Audience

Whereas the Premier Partners are the cornerstone of the sponsorship pyramid, the Global Partners are tasked with increasing the tournament’s visibility and appeal, to entice fans via their consumer demographics across the world.

Coca-Cola-Top Sponsors of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 


Source: Business Today

Coca-Cola joined ICC as partners in 2019 and they cemented their relations when they signed a new deal that was to last for eight years and it shows their dedication towards the development of the cricket sport. Coca-Cola’s world-renowned non-alcoholic beverages will be the only beverage prominently featured throughout this much-awaited T20 World Cup action, refreshment for fans and players.

Beyond the role of beverage refreshment, the strategic partnerships are seen playing an important role in encouraging the spirit of oneness with the next generation of crickets. By the immense network of stores all over the world, I am quite sure that Coca-Cola will come up with unique ad campaigns and events that will strengthen the love for this much-loved sport.

IndusInd Bank: Enabling dreams to transform, nurturing excellence to grow

IndusInd Bank

Source: Vyan Gianetti Creative

Through the engagement as a Global Partner of the ICC, IndusInd Bank Underscored its continued support of sports and the quest for excellence. This multi-year affiliation is advantageous for IndusInd Bank, as it offers branding and content assets that can improve relations with stockholders, people, and consumers.

The essence of this partnership can be summed up in a fun, exciting and unforgettable event called the “Anthem Buddies Contest”, enabling young fans to hold hands with their favourite cricketing heroes during the national anthems before each game. This endeavour reflects IndusInd Bank’s commitment to identifying and cultivating the best talent, igniting hope and spirit in one’s aspirations, and creating a sense of brotherhood in the fraternity of crickets.

Official Supporters

As social media continues to dominate fans’ lives, the ICC has identified key allies to revolutionise the way fans engage with entities through collaboration the ICC has entered into strategic partnerships with several technological firms and other entities fans engage with.

Near Foundation: Web 3.0 Possibilities

Near Foundation

Source: Near

Altogether, such cooperation between the ICC and the Near Foundation can be regarded as an innovative entrance into the sphere of Web3. To date, Near Foundation cooperated with the Sports betting platform as an official blockchain partner until the end of 2025; relying on advanced solutions, fans will be closer to the games.

The first-ever Blockchain solution was an appetiser in the form of the pre-match strategy test that took place during the Cricket World Cup in 2023. With more projects set for the future, the partnership for fan engagement intends to evolve fan relations to transform the attendee-spectator experience, making a closer experience with the beloved sport possible.

FanCraze: The Purpose – Raising the Fan Level Using NFTs and Web3


Source: Coin.news

Cricket fans can fully appreciate the constant fan engagement through the Fan craze that began when it partnered with the ICC in 2022. The Crictos range of digital collectibles has been capturing memorable moments in international cricket to bring the unforgettable moments closer to fans; closer to fans,  closer to the fans in a completely unparalleled way.

Looking to further build on their collaboration with a multiple-year partnership, the ICC and FanCraze have released details of the “ICC Crictos SuperTeam”, a Web3 fantasy game including official ICC NFT digital video trading cards. This fantastic endeavour aims to captivate fans to test their knowledge on the crickets, form their fantasy teams and be in the chance to win fantastic prizes; all complimented by the rich world of sports and advanced technology.

Cricket for Good: Sport and Social Responsibility- How It Works

Although it is money that sponsors bring that propels the event to success, ICC is equally determined to continue making an impact using the world cricket icon. The term “Cricket for Good,” the official social responsibility partner for the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup, represents and aligns with this value.

By doing so, the ICC seeks to impact the lives of children and their families around the world in a positive and meaningful way using the platform of the sport of cricket. Breaking away from the traditional cricket that involves just the ball and bat, Cricket for Good deals with and solves some of the major issues that societies face including issues to do with food, water, health and education among others.

The Power of Partnerships: Stimulating the Environment for Growth and Innovation

In fact, the arrangements and deals in connection with the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 are not just a set of financial relations. These kinds of alliances also demonstrate the win-win situation that exists between the organizations that collaborate.

In the case of the ICC, such affiliations help drive and build the cricket, and through such investments, the ICC has been able to develop the infrastructure, the human capital, as well as promotion of the sport across the world. The increase of these resources enables the ICC to take the sport to a further level and engage spectators as well as encourage young generations of Cricketers.

On the other hand, the sponsors and partners get a unique opportunity to advertise and associate themselves with one of the most popular sporting disciplines in the world. Through identifying with the passion, excitement, and team-like spirit associated with the game, these companies build an emotional link with the customers that cements their brand stories and establishes brand loyalty.

Furthermore, these are not only strategic partnerships that provide innovative technologies and new marketing concepts. Ranging from the application of Web3 and blockchain technologies to the development of fan engagement platforms, the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 becomes the melting pot of ideas leading to the advancement of the industry and fans’ experience.

Even as it concerns partnership resources for different members, I would also like to underline that such a force lies also in the fact about joining fairly different communities altogether. Club cricket due to the historical significance and relevance has thus morphed into a technological tool and an interconnecting social technique that internationalised the love for this sport. 

It is the buzz that fans and enthusiasts develop not only over the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 cricket tournament that is scheduled but off-field programs and promotions that could be sponsored and partnered by institutions. Ranging from mind blowing fans engagement to unique new digital products the event is on course to providing a proof of the fact that cricket has been around for ages and is growing, expanding in directions yet we cannot comprehend. 


Looking at the organisation of such tournaments as the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 one can understand that the obligatory element is a corporate sponsorship. This cricketing carnival, much anticipated by cricket fans, in millions around the world, is a result of cricket’s links with some of the leading brands and as we can clearly decipher, the linkage is a mutually beneficial one, especially given the massive viewership of this global event.