Dubai is among the best cities in the United Arab Emirates known for its luxurious culture and some sports which attract travelers from all across the globe. Golf in Dubai is popular among all golf lovers worldwide and they must notice some of the top golf courses.

Golfers worldwide want to come to Dubai to get the unique experience of the city’s beautiful landscapes, soft white sand, and lush green grass. 

Dubai is the home of several golf courses which has different facilities for golfers and as per some media officials, the courses are increasing slowly. It is very important to decide which course you choosing for golf in Dubai. 

Top 10 Golf Courses in Dubai
1.Emirates Golf Club (Majlis)
2.Jumeirah Golf Estate (Earth Course)
3.Dubai Creek Golf (Yacht Club)
4.The Els Club Dubai
5.Dubai Hills Golf Club
6.Trump Golf Course (Dubai)
7.The Address Montgomerie Dubai
8.Saadiyat Beach (Dubai)
9.Abu Dhabi Course (National)
10.Al Hamra Golf Course (Dubai)

Top 10 Golf Courses in Dubai

Here you can find the top 10 golf courses in Dubai which will give you a unique experience while playing golf with the iconic view of Dubai.

Emirates Golf Club (Majlis)

Emirates Golf Club (Majlis)

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This is the first grass-covered course to open for golfers and is considered to be the best course in the Middle East. It has captured some of the great memories of the great players who have triumphed here. 

The Majlis course was opened for play in 1988 and its layout follows the blueprint of Karl Litten. 

This course is very famous for providing the iconic view of Dubai having the great scenes of sand, grass, and trees.

Majlis is well known for its classical features and it is the venue of the Dubai Desert Classic Tournament due to which the world’s best players are given a visit. This covers around 7301 yards whereas the par is set at 72 that’s why it becomes quite difficult for all.

This course has been a part of various special golf matches like Omega Dubai Golf Classic which is the reason for attracting international golf players. 

The Emirates Golf Club offers the best facilities which include the only top-class practice area, Top dining facilities, and a renowned golf academy which make the golf experience unique.

There you can find several membership options at Emirates Golf Club and the visitors are heartily welcomed. The service and the facility provided here make it the best for golf players looking for the best golf course.

Jumeirah Golf Estate (Earth Course)

Jumeirah Golf Estate (Earth Course)

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This is the first design course by the Double Open Championship Greg Norman for open play in the Middle Eastern region. Jumeirah Golf Estate is the first course that was designed for the championship and the first hit tee shot was recorded in the championship.

It is located in the heart of Dubai which has been the center of the attraction due to its design and the tournament’s aura. 

This course is famous for its visual experiences which makes it remarkable and unique among golf lovers. It is a perfect example of the beauty of Dubai which shows the perfect natural desert terrain depicting the arid beauty of sand in contrast to the green grass present in the course. It also has a stunning blue water lake which comes into play in several holes.

The earth course of the Jumeirah Estate is largely a part of the residential community which makes it accessible to the living people and members of the course. The combination of Golf and this lifestyle makes the Jumeirah Golf estate experience unique.

Dubai Creek Golf (Yacht Club)

Dubai Creek Golf (Yacht Club)

Image Credit- Dubai Creek Resort

This golf club is the world-known top golf course offering the leisure of Dubai lifestyle combined with the golf sport. In the heart of Dubai, this Yacht Club provides the best experience to golf lovers with its great facilities and the best architectural design.

This course, also known as Creek, has 18 holes and 71 par championships, providing an extensive design and proper elements. It provides the best practice area and the best skills to practice.

This golf club welcomes golf lovers from all around the world as visitors and also it has been used for various tournaments like the Dubai Desert Classic. This course has some great challenges like water, bunkers and design which are given to some of the best golfers.

Dubai Creek Club offers several best dining and spa facilities to their visitors that serve them with a unique style of Arabian touch. 

The Els Club Dubai

The Els Club Dubai

Image Credit- Golf Pass

This golf club is one of the top golf courses in Dubai that has a different layout and experience. Let’s check out its features and details.

The Els Club is designed by a well-known golf player from South Africa Ernie Els which is vested in the heart of Dubai. 

This course is at par 72 and the 7538 yards championship offers some of the great difficulties to the golf learners. The unexpected bunkers and greenery style make them compatible with golf very well.

The Els Club in Dubai is the favorite choice of golf lovers due to its pristine beauty featuring rolling desert dunes, Labelled sandy waste area, and a surprising contrast between white sand and green grass in the club.

Dubai Hills Golf Club

Dubai Hills Golf Club

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This golf club in Dubai is one of the high-rated clubs that provides a great experience to golf lovers and some amazing views of Dubai. We will delve into the features and facilities it provides.

Dubai Hills Golf Club was opened in 2018 and was chosen as the best golf course with having fair prices and its best picturesque which makes it so crowded during the weekend.

It provides some of the best scenes to golf lovers of the skyline of Dubai and also sometimes the clear view of the beauty of Burj Khalifa from the first floor to the top when the weather is clear.

It is designed by a European Golf designer has 18 holes and is at par 72 with 7352 yards championships. The design of this course is such that it provides the best skills to the learners after giving them the tough challenge of some bunkers and generous fairways.

Trump Golf Course (Dubai)

Trump Golf Course (Dubai)

Image Credit- Commercial Interior Design

This course is very famous in the city of UAE which gives a feel of the Scottish Course and walking in this course will feel like walking in the Scottish Course. It is well known to golf lovers due to some of its luxurious features which are given below.

Trump Golf Course has 18 holes and is at par with 71 championships with 7300 yards of land. It is designed by renowned architect Gil Hanse and its natural design offers a challenge to the gold players and gives them a unique experience.

Trump International Golf Club offers some great facilities like a world-class practice area, a golf academy, and a special clubhouse that caters for the good experience of dining and relaxing for golfers.

The Address Montgomerie Dubai

The Address Montgomerie Dubai

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This is one of the oldest golf courses in Dubai which has been offering some amazing milestones for golf player to enhance their golfing skills.

The course is located in the heart of the upscale Emirates Hill community that provides amazing scenes of nature, challenging play and different amenities. It is designed by the great golfing legend Colin Montgomerie.

The Address Montgomerie Golf Course Dubai has 18 holes and is at par 72 which covers 7396 yards championship. Here every golfer can test his skills as it provides immaculate fairways, strategic bunkers, and undulating greens. It gives a different experience to the players by providing a unique style of practice.

Saadiyat Beach (Dubai)

Saadiyat Beach (Dubai)

Image Credit- Emirates Golf Federation

This is one of the best courses in Arab city which is located at Saadiyat Island and was opened in 2010. Saadiyat Beach Golf Course is the top course that has been in the conversations among golfers. 

There are numerous 5-star hotels near Saadiyat Beach which enhances the luxury of the golf lovers.  The saltwater lakes, dunes, and strategic bunkers make it competitive for golf lovers. The boundaries of course touch around 300 acres of land which gives a feel of space around it.

The beach is at 72 par and measured at 7806 yards from the tips with only have 5 tee positions. The course is among the best courses in Dubai and its royalty tested during the Gary Player championship hosted in the town.

Abu Dhabi Course (National)

Abu Dhabi Course (National)

Image Credit- Tripadvisor

This golf course is the next in the list of the top golf courses in Dubai which has also been in discussion among the golfers for its beautiful picture and challenging status for players.

As the United Arab Emirates is a land of sand and hence most of its part is covered with sand the big dunes get transferred from one place to another due to high-speed wind. 

The Abu Dhabi Golf Course is located near the city of Abu Dhabi whose distance can easily be covered using the car. The design of the course and the clubhouse make it the first preference for golf lovers.

It has 28 holes and was designed by Peter Haradine in 1988 which regularly holds the national championship course and yearly Abu Dhabi Golf Championship hosted.

It has 7600 yards of length which makes the tool challenging for the golfers but enhances their skills. The saltwater lakes, trees, and high bunkering. It also has green grass in the Abu Dhabi Golf Course which makes it more unique.

Al Hamra Golf Course (Dubai)

Al Hamra Golf Course (Dubai)

Image Credit- Al Hamra Golf Course (Dubai)

In recent years the city has assembled some of the newest golf courses across the region and this is the one that added a great impression to the portfolio of UAE for the golf courses.

This course was architected by Peter Haradine and it offers a playing experience at night as well as it has installed floodlights that allow golfers to play golf in a dark times as well.

Before being a Golf Club it was a land that was flat, salty, and flooded during high tide which makes it difficult to recognize as golf course land.

This course is very popular among golfers which provides a challenging experience and also attracts golf lovers from all around the world by giving them the best amenities.


People from all over the world visit Dubai and explore the different adventures offered in the city and playing golf is one of them. The golf experience in Dubai is different than other locations due to its luxury aura and attractive culture. These golf courses also have special features that attract golf lovers and force them to stay in the city.