The game of golf was developed in Scotland in the fifteenth century, and it has a long and distinguished history in the United Kingdom. Probably the most noticeable and beautiful fairways are tracked down in the UK. In this golf-rich country, there is no deficiency of fabulous destinations to start, from memorable connections courses to contemporary title designs. The main 10 golf courses in the UK (United Kingdom) will be examined in this article. These fairways are prestigious for their troublesome fairways and greens, as well as for their stunning landscape and distinguished golf history.

Table of Contents:

Top 10 best golf courses in the UK

  • St Andrews Links
  • Royal County Down Golf Club
  • Muirfield
  • Royal Birkdale Golf Club
  • Royal Portrush Golf Club
  • Carnoustie Golf Links
  • Sunningdale Golf Club
  • Royal Dornoch Golf Club
  • Royal St. George Golf Club
  • Turnberry

Top 10 best golf courses in the UK

St. Andrews Links, FIFE, Scotland

Golfers all over the world have a particular place in their hearts for St. Andrews Links, a name that is synonymous with the game. It is frequently called the “Home of Golf,” and for good reason. St. Andrews Links is more than simply a golf course; it’s a destination for golf fans, located in the scenic area of Fife, Scotland. This section will go into further detail on what makes this course so exceptional, with an emphasis on its lengthy history, the illustrious Old Course, and the distinctive qualities that make it stand out.

Historic Golfing Legacy:

The fifteenth century is when St. Andrews Links’ history started, making it one of the most seasoned golf courses on the planet. The sport’s continued popularity is attested to by its rich history, and playing at St. Andrews is like travelling back in time. From how tee times are scheduled to the etiquette rules on the course, the traditions and ceremonies associated with the game are still very present today. The Illustrious and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and other historical destinations, like golf museums, add to the authentic allure of this golfing hotspot.

Hell Bunker and Swilcan Bridge:

Hell Bunker and the Swilcan Bridge are two of the Old Course’s most notable features. With its profound, unbelievable broadness, Hell Bunker has devoured numerous golfers’ dreams because of its risky nature. It takes courage and a precise shot to explore this risk. On the opposite side, the Swilcan Bridge defines the history and comradery of golf. Golf players that cross this bridge are doing as such in the strides of hitting the golfing greats, making an exceptionally touching connection with the game’s past.

Steeped in Tradition and Prestige:

The Old Course at St. Andrews is a place to immerse oneself in the illustrious history and reputation of golf, not only to test one’s physical prowess. Every move is a monument to the sport’s history, from the first tee shot on the first hole to the last putt on the 18th green. Teeing off where golfers have been teeing off for generations and having the spirits of golfing icons appear to stroll beside you is a humbling experience. The course has played host to several Open championships as well as the creation of enduring golfing memories.

The home of golf, St. Andrews Links, is located in the Scottish province of Fife. It is a location of unrivalled appeal and attraction because of its historical significance, the esteemed Old Course, and recognisable features like Hell Bunker and the Swilcan Bridge. Playing a round of golf here is more than just a simple game; it’s a trip through history, a celebration of tradition, and a chance to put one’s golfing prowess to the test on a course that has hosted innumerable golfing greats. A journey to St. Andrews Links is more than simply a vacation to a golf course for a golf aficionado; it’s a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the game.

2. Royal County Down Golf Club, New Castle, Northern Ireland:

Royal County Down Golf Club, New Castle, Northern Ireland

The Royal County Down Golf Club, situated along Northern Ireland’s rough and scenic shoreline, is a landmark to both nature’s unmatched magnificence and golf course design’s artistry. This course, regularly remembered among the main golf areas in the world, is a remarkable combination of shocking landscape and testing play. We will look at the charm of Illustrious Region Down in this part, including its stunning setting, testing plan, and the amazing regular wonders that make it a superb hitting the fairway experience.

A Coastal Jewel:

Royal County Down is endowed with one of the most beautiful natural surroundings a golf course can claim, and it is located in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. Wide-ranging vistas of the Mourne Mountains are set against the spectacular background of the Irish Sea’s rocky shoreline. An experience that matches any golf course in the world in terms of visual appeal is produced by the contrast between the towering peaks and the vast ocean.

A true test of skill:

Golf players who get the valuable chance to play at Royal County Down quickly comprehend that the course’s wonder isn’t just to look good. The plan of the course is eminent for being extraordinarily troublesome and requiring both exactness and key reasoning. The fairways are often limited and need precise ball placements, yet deep bunkers and sand dunes quickly punish lost shots. Golf players who play on this rough landscape should be prepared for continually changing breeze conditions, which adds one more degree of confusion to the game. These viewpoints cooperate to make a round at Royal County Down a thorough assessment of a golf player’s capacities.

The Dunes and Bunkers:

The deep bunkers and sand dunes are not merely attractive features; they are also essential to the Royal County Down golfing experience. The track is made more visually interesting and challenging by the dunes’ naturally undulating surface. Golfers who successfully negotiate these sand dunes are rewarded with a variety of lies, which makes every shot a special test of ability. The bunkers force golfers to carefully consider their club choice and shot execution because they are frequently positioned strategically close to landing zones and greens. A golfer’s ability to adjust to the constantly shifting environment is demonstrated by their ability to overcome these natural hazards.

Newcastle, Northern Ireland’s Royal County Down Golf Club, is more than simply a golf course; it’s a destination that joins the best of the outside with the hardships of the game. The pleasant coastline with views of the Mourne Mountains and the Irish Sea is a visual feast, and the challenging course, with its regular ridges and deep bunkers, makes for an elating and intriguing round of golf. The collaboration that might exist between the climate and the sport of golf is exhibited by Royal County Down, which is something other than just a golf course.

3. Muirfield, East Lothian, Scotland:

Muirfield, East Lothian, Scotland

In East Lothian, Scotland, Muirfield, also known as The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, serves as a testament to the sport’s heritage and calibre. With a long history of hosting multiple Open Championships, this prestigious golf club is a global beacon for golf fans. We shall explore Muirfield’s remarkable features in this part, including its course layout, its illustrious history, and the reasons it is a must-see location for golf enthusiasts.

A Historic Legacy:

Considering that Muirfield has frequently hosted the famous Open Championship, it has an enduring standing in golf history. The club’s devotion to the development and improvement of the game has given it an esteemed position in the golfing community. Probably the most memorable golfing occasions have occurred here, and the best players on the planet have put themselves to the test on the troublesome fairways and greens.

Immaculate Fairways and Fast Greens:

Muirfield’s spotless fairways are evidence of the club’s commitment to preserving a golfing gem. Golfers may manoeuvre them on an attractive yet difficult canvas that combines the greatest aspects of links golf with groomed precision. An genuine and opulent playing experience is produced by the contrast of historic links elements and the immaculate grass. The greens at Muirfield are also renowned for their incredible speed, which may confuse even the best putters.

Strategically placed bunkers:

The Muirfield course is full of cleverly positioned bunkers that are used throughout a round. More than merely dangers, these bunkers form the basis of the club’s approach to course design. Golfers must carefully analyse their approach shots and club choice since a misjudged swing might result in difficult sand recovery shots. The strategically placed bunkers make Muirfield a more strategic game and ensure that it is a genuine test of ability.

Scotland’s East Lothian is home to Muirfield, a golf course that serves as a haven for people who value the history and culture of the game. For golf enthusiasts, it is a wonderland because of its extensive history, creative course layout, beautiful fairways, quick greens, and strategically placed bunkers. The club’s dedication to quality and history of holding renowned competitions like the Open Championships guarantee that Muirfield will always be revered by players all around the world. Golfers should put Muirfield at the top of their list of must-visit locations if they want to combine history and elegance in their game.

4. Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Southport, England:

Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Southport, England

The Royal Birkdale Golf Club, home of the Open Championship, is tucked away on the picturesque coastline of Southport, England. It is renowned for its challenging and intriguing layout. In this part, we’ll look at what makes Royal Birkdale so alluring, from its difficult and varied course design to the breathtaking coastline vistas and flawless greens that make it a must-play location for golfers.

Challenging and diverse course layout:

The design of Royal Birkdale’s extreme and varied course is notable. The links-style course skillfully integrates parts of nature, giving golf players a unique and testing experience. A distinguishing feature of the course, the towering dunes evoke a sense of remoteness and unpredictability as the climate changes with the breeze and tide. These scary ridges, which might be impediments as well as tools for golf players, should be traversed. This component of the design ups the ante and interest of each and every game.

Undulating Fairways and pot bunkers:

The natural landscape is reflected in the Royal Birkdale fairways. They gracefully sway and produce a vivacious playing surface. As they explore these undulating fairways, golf players must change their technique and shot decisions, adding to the general trouble of the course. Each golf player should be precise and versatile because of the moving fairways and the breeze’s steady impact. The course of Royal Birkdale is recognized by its famous pot bunkers. To stay away from these profound, intentionally placed traps, one requires precision and capacity. These bunkers are a trial of planning and control, even for the best golf players.

Dramatic Coastal Views and well maintained greens:

The breathtaking coastline vistas that Royal Birkdale provides are among its most alluring features. Golfers are rewarded to stunning views of the Irish Sea as they move around the course, adding a scenic element to the game. Every round is enhanced by the spectacular and enduring background that is created by the interaction of the rocky shoreline, undulating fairways, and towering dunes. At Royal Birkdale, the greens are immaculately kept and provide a stable putting surface. True roll and constant speeds, a sign of top-notch course care, are what golfers can anticipate. The contrast between the course’s natural roughness and the immaculate greens is evidence of the club’s dedication to offering a superior golfing experience.

More than just a golf course, the Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England, is an entrancing outing through the magnificence of nature and the pinnacle of golfing skill. It provides an excellent golfing experience with its troublesome course design, undulating fairways, strategic pot bunkers, breathtaking coastline vistas, and perfectly manicured greens. It’s where golf players can challenge themselves, witness the power of nature, and get completely immersed in the rich history of the game. Royal Birkdale is a golfing area that ought not be missed for people who need both difficulty and scenic beauty.

5. Royal Portrush Golf Club, County Antrim, Northern Ireland:

Royal Portrush Golf Club, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Royal Portrush Golf Club is a real golfing gem, nestled along the untamed and scenic Northern Irish shore. When it hosted The Open Championship in 2019, this course attained prominence on a global scale. In this part, we’ll examine the unique features of Royal Portrush, like as its setting, the nerve-wracking challenge offered by the course’s hallmark hole, and the lengthy past that helped place this facility on the golfing world map.

A coastal marvel:

The spectacular Northern Irish coastline, where the Atlantic Ocean’s untamed beauty and the echoes of history combine, is where Royal Portrush is located. The course is surrounded by stunning scenery, including soaring cliffs, broad dunes, and expansive ocean views. An element of unpredictability and excitement is added to the game of golf by the constant breezes that come in from the Atlantic Ocean.

The 2019 championship:

As the site of The Open Championship in 2019, Royal Portrush experienced a crucial turning point. This competition, which is regarded as one of golf’s most renowned events, gave the course exposure on a global scale. The course itself gained famous after the best golfers in the world took on the difficult layout. The Open Championship’s hosting confirmed Royal Portrush’s standing as a top-tier golfing venue.

Calamity Corner:

The par-3 16th hole, sometimes known as “Calamity Corner,” is one of Royal Portrush’s most well-known features. This hole gives players an exciting and nerve-wracking challenge, living up to its name. Players must cross a steep descent to the green, which is guarded by thick bunkers, so their tee shot must be precise. This hole is a genuine test of a golfer’s skill because to the added intricacy brought on by the prevailing winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Negotiating Calamity Corner successfully requires both strategy and execution.

A unique golfing experience is provided at the Royal Portrush Golf Club in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, which combines the untamed beauty of nature with strenuous difficulties. For golf lovers, the course is a must-visit site because of its coastal setting in Northern Ireland, its trademark hole, “Calamity Corner,” the fact that it has hosted The Open Championship, and its lengthy history. In this location, golfers are not only playing a round of golf; they are also beginning a trip through one of the world’s most beautiful and difficult courses. This is a location where history, beauty, and golfing excellence all coexist harmoniously. For those looking for a unique golfing experience, Royal Portrush is a remarkable treasure on the world golfing map.

Carnoustie Golf Links, Angus, Scotland

Carnoustie Golf Links, sometimes known as “Carnasty,” has a frightening reputation as one of Scotland’s most challenging golf courses. It has long served as a testing ground for the best golfers in the world, and it is located in Angus, Scotland. The impressive attributes of Carnoustie, its history, the difficulties it offers, and the reasons it serves as a test of a golfer’s resolve will all be covered in this part.

The reputation:

Given how punishing the track is, the moniker “Carnasty” is well-earned. From the opening tee shot to the last putt, Carnoustie offers golfers a daunting task. Deep bunkers that are purposefully positioned to punish poor shots and thick rough that eats errant drives are the layout’s defining features. There is limited tolerance for error due to the tight fairways and fast greens. Many find that the course’s requirements for both mental and physical stamina are just as difficult as the actual game of golf.

Deep Bunkers and  Thick roughs:

The deep, well-placed bunkers at Carnoustie are one of its distinguishing characteristics. These risks play a crucial role in the course’s design philosophy and are not just for show. These bunkers must be avoided tactically by golfers, who must take into account their location in relation to the hole and their approach shots. A genuine measure of shot-making prowess and sand play is getting out of the bunkers. The fairways at Carnoustie are surrounded by dense rough, which is infamous for snatching golf balls and punishing mishits. When golfers miss the fairways, they frequently have to take a difficult recovery shot or risk adding strokes to their score. The mental difficulty the course poses is heightened by the continual need to manage the rough and maintain accuracy off the tee.

Unpredictable Weather:

Another aspect of Carnoustie’s difficulty is the unpredictability of the weather. Due to the course’s closeness to the North Sea, wind and weather conditions are subject to sudden changes that can have an impact on club choice, ball flight, and strategy. Golfers need to be ready for the additional complexity that weather-related difficulties might bring, as they can transform a tolerable round into a difficult agony.

Angus, Scotland’s Carnoustie Golf Links is not for the timid. It serves as a test of a golfer’s mettle because to its illustrious past, tough reputation, deep bunkers, punishing rough, and unpredictability of weather. This course, which ranks among the most difficult designs in the world, is where champions are put to the test and reputations are built. Carnoustie is a must-play location for golfers looking for a genuine test of talent, mental toughness, and a taste of the game’s merciless nature. Here, players come face to face with golf at its most challenging and rewarding.

7. Sunningdale Golf Club,Berkshire, England:

Sunningdale Golf Club,Berkshire, England

The Old Course and the New Course at Sunningdale Golf Club, a renowned golfing establishment in Berkshire, England, are both considered to be of the highest calibre. This section will examine Sunningdale’s allure, with a focus on the Old Course’s reputation, the allure of its heathland location, the difficulties it presents, and why golf enthusiasts should not miss playing it.

The old course:

The Old Course at Sunningdale is one of the UK’s best inland golf courses. It is frequently listed as one of the best courses in the nation and is renowned for its classic style. With its old-growth trees, beautiful heathland, and fairways bordered with heather, this course transports golfers to a time when the game was played more traditionally. The Old Course is a showcase for traditional golf design and provides a distinctive and enduring golfing experience.

A Heathland Setting:

The Old Course in Sunningdale’s heathland environment is among its most remarkable features. Towering trees that round the course and frame each hole give it a tranquil, even magical ambiance. Bright heather lines the fairways, adding colour and acting as both a visual pleasure and a hazard for errant shots. Sunningdale is a magnificent golfing haven because of the harmonious coexistence of stunning natural scenery and immaculately maintained fairways and greens.

A Tradition of Excellence:

Sunningdale Golf Club has a long history of quality and has always been a popular choice among golf aficionados. It has achieved a position of respect in the golfing community because to its attention to preserve both the historic aspects of the game and top-notch course conditions. The club is a favourite of both amateur and professional players due to its dedication to heritage and pursuit of golfing perfection.

In Berkshire, England, the Sunningdale Golf Club is more than simply a golf course; it’s a sanctuary for people who value the art and history of the game. A golf connoisseur’s dream, The Old Course is known for its reputation, beautiful heathland location, difficult greens, and club’s legacy of excellence. At Sunningdale, where golf is both a quest of greatness and an enjoyment of the natural beauty of the heathland, playing a round is like entering a famous artwork. Sunningdale is a must-visit location for golfers looking for a perfect fusion of history, skill, and scenery. It perfectly encapsulates the absolute best in golfing.

8. Royal Dornoch Golf Club, Sutherland, Scotland:

Royal Dornoch Golf Club, Sutherland, Scotland

The Royal Dornoch Golf Club is a golfing gem tucked away in Sutherland’s pure natural splendour, located in Scotland’s isolated Highlands. This section will examine Royal Dornoch’s alluring features, from its remote setting and alluring natural beauty to its difficult undulating terrain and the classic golfing experience it provides.

Secluded Highland Location:

The Royal Dornoch Golf Club is located in Scotland’s untouched Highlands, far from the busy cities. The tranquilly and sense of escape provided by this remote setting enhance the golfing experience. The club offers a getaway into the heart of nature, where golfers can concentrate on the game and immerse themselves in the spectacular surroundings. It is surrounded by unspoiled landscapes and breathtaking Highland panoramas.

Undulating terrain and fast running fairways:

One of Royal Dornoch’s most defining characteristics is its uneven topography. The fairways, greens, and roughs follow the land’s natural curves, giving players a playing surface that is always changing. In order to effectively reach the greens, approach shots must avoid the hills and slopes while navigating the rolling fairways. This difficult course layout keeps players interested and necessitates a deliberate and flexible approach.  The hard, quick fairways at Royal Dornoch are renowned for being a typical links golf staple. The speed and toughness of the fairways favour low, running approach shots and inspire a creative approach to the game. The ground game, a staple of traditional Scottish golf, must be used, and players must adjust to the conditions.

Timeless Golfing Experience:

A round at Royal Dornoch is more than just a game; it’s an excursion through the tradition and history of golf. Numerous golfers and legends have played on the course, resulting in an enduring experience that ties the past and present together. The chance of playing on courses that past golfing legends have trodden on enhances the charm of this Highland treasure.

The Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Sutherland, Scotland, is a well-kept secret that offers golf lovers an enduring haven. A unique golfing experience is provided by its quiet setting, alluring natural beauty, undulating terrain, firm fairways, and rich history. Players are rewarded with an escape into the heart of the Highlands and a trip through the sport’s history, where golf is a wonderful combination of nature and tradition. For players looking for a special and unforgettable golfing experience, Royal Dornoch is proof of the game’s lasting allure

9. Royal St. George’s Golf Club, Kent, England:

Royal St. George’s Golf Club, Kent, England

The scenic Kent town of Sandwich is home to the Royal St. George’s Golf Club, a renowned and storied golfing institution. In this article, we will examine the enduring qualities of Royal St. George’s, including its illustrious history, its renowned challenges in the form of bunkers, the picturesque views of the English Channel, and why it is regarded as one of the toughest open venues. This prestigious course has hosted the Open Championship on numerous occasions.

A Historic Legacy:

One of the most important golf tournaments, The Open Championship, has been held at Royal St. George’s for a long time. The golf course’s dedication to quality has given it a prestigious position in the sport. The winners who have won at Sandwich have overcome some of the sport’s most difficult obstacles, and the club’s legacy is indelible in the annals of golfing glory.

Challenging Bunkers:

The tough bunkers at Royal St. George’s are renowned for being placed there purposefully to punish poor shots. To properly negotiate these wide, deep sand pits, one must be precise and use strategy. Golfers must carefully examine their approach shots and club selection since a mishandled swing might result in a difficult sand recovery. It takes real talent to navigate these bunkers successfully.

Breathtaking Views:

The spectacular vistas of the English Channel that Royal St. George’s provides are among its most alluring features. Golfers are rewarded to breathtaking views of the channel as they go around the course, which adds a picturesque element to the game. Rolling fairways, challenging bunkers, and breathtaking scenery all come together to provide a striking background that improves the whole experience.

10. Turnberry, South Aryshire, Scotland:

Turnberry, South Aryshire, Scotland

The famed Trump Turnberry Resort includes Turnberry, a gem in South Ayrshire, Scotland. The Ailsa Course, its crown gem, is hailed as one of the world’s most picturesque and dramatic golf courses. In this article, we’ll examine Turnberry’s appealing features, including its spectacular coastline environment, difficult layout, and why it’s an essential travel destination for golfers looking for an exceptional and unforgettable golfing experience.

Dramatic coastal setting:

Golfers may enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Firth of Clyde at Turnberry’s Ailsa Course, which is majestically poised on the Ayrshire shore. This course is a wonder of nature with its breathtaking coastline views and the recognisable Ailsa Craig in the background. Every round of golf has a special element because of the constantly changing surroundings and the presence of the water.

Challenging holes:

Turnberry’s breathtaking natural beauty is matched only by its tough layout. There are holes on the Ailsa Course that call for accuracy, strategy, and calmness. This course is a genuine test of a golfer’s ability because to the coastal breezes, elevation variations, and strategically positioned bunkers. Golfers are drawn to Turnberry not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its thrilling challenge.

Must-Play Destination:

Turnberry is more than simply a golf course; it is the stuff of golfers’ fantasies. An exceptional round of golf is produced by the magnificent seaside scenery, difficult holes, and immaculate condition. Golfers may try their mettle there against the breathtaking background of the Firth of Clyde and the recognisable Ailsa Craig. Turnberry provides the chance to see Scotland’s magnificent natural marvels in addition to playing golf.

Turnberry is more than simply a golf course; it’s a work of golfing art, located in South Ayrshire, Scotland. It is a must-play location for players looking for a distinctive and unforgettable golfing experience because of its spectacular coastline environment, the visual spectacle of the Ailsa Course, the difficult holes, and immaculate condition. At Turnberry, golf and nature cohabit together to create a golfing haven that perfectly encapsulates both the sport’s core values and Scotland’s breathtaking natural splendour.


Golf has a long history in the UK, and there are some of the best courses in the world there. From traditional links courses like St. Andrews to heathland courses like Sunningdale, and everything in between, the best 10 golf courses in this article provide a variety of experiences. These golf courses are likely to offer a memorable and difficult game of golf, while also allowing you to take in the natural beauty and history of the UK’s golfing culture, whether you’re a casual player or a serious aficionado. For a really remarkable golfing experience, consider any of these outstanding courses on your schedule if you’re arranging a vacation for golf.