Cloud or as they are popularly known as ghost or virtual kitchens have become quite popular within the Indian food service sector in recent years. This business model was new and unique in the market where restaurants don’t need an establishment or place for people to dine in since their meals are delivered to the people’s homes through delivery services. Cloud kitchens enable otherwise expensive business ventures to be a reality for many would-be food enthusiasts and allow delivery to take place across the country.

Top Cloud Kitchens In India

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The best cloud kitchens in India specifically have played a part in transforming the industry, as it presents several budding companies that can penetrate the large markets of the urban centres of the nation without needing to separate a huge amount for purchasing or renting commercial space for a restaurant. In addition, they give the consumer even an increasingly expanding list of choices to make while placing their order on food delivery apps, as the person ordering the food does not need to be physically present at the restaurant.

Here Are The Top 15 Cloud Kitchens In India That You Absolutely Must Try

Top Cloud Kitchens In IndiaKey Offerings
1Biryani By KiloBiryani (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), kebabs, kormas
2Rebel FoodsBiryani, pizza, Asian cuisine
3Firangi BakeLasagna, quesadillas, macaroni, pasta, desserts
4Pizza On My Plate (POMP)Pizza, burgers, pasta, chips
5Box8Biryani, wraps, sandwiches, roti-sabzi
6LiveAltlifeHealthy meals, biryanis, chaats, Chinese dishes
7Oven Story PizzaPizza with various toppings
8Kitchen KarateKung Pao, cream cheese dim sums
9SLAY CoffeeFreshly brewed coffee
10Sweet TruthDesserts
11Behrouz BiryaniBiryani
12Burger In My Box (BIMBo)Burgers
13HOI FoodsMulti Cuisine Meals
14TravelKhanaFood Delivery for Rail Passengers
15FreshMenuMulti Cuisine Meals

1. Biryani By Kilo- Cloud Kitchens in India

Biryani By Kilo

Source: Biryani By Kilo

Biryani by Kilo a modern Indian quick service restaurant that specializes in cloud kitchen has risen to prominence mainly due to its superb biryanis. As described on their name, they offer their delicious kilo-sized non-vegetarian and vegetarian biryani meals suitable for group dining with friends and families. Having good quality ingredients and emphasizing on cooking methods of dum, Biryani by Kilo is trying to deliver authentic handi biryani to people in India in every order as they are made from fresh to taste better and healthier. 

Apart from their lip-smacking biryanis  their selection of kebabs, kormas, nihari and other mouth-watering Indian delicacies, which does satiate your taste buds yet you want more of it.

2. Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos)

Rebel Foods

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At present, Rebel Foods is one of the leading cloud kitchen companies in India that started its operation back in 2011 and originally known as Faasos. The company operates as an umbrella entity for 11 various cloud kitchen businesses and has well over 300 cloud kitchen restaurants in the country. Food delivery company Rebel Foods has transformed into a market dominator in the food-tech domain due to creating simple technological and functional solutions for customers to receive tasty meals. They operate from a standalone shop and have various recognized brands such as Behrouz Biryani, Ovenstory Pizza and Mandarin Oak.

3. Firangi Bake- Cloud Kitchens in India

Firangi Bake

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If you like the flavour  of both Mexican and Italian foods, then Firangi Bake is one such cloud kitchen you don’t want to miss. They offer a wide range of International cuisines that are a real treat to the mouth, from soft cheesy macaroni and savoury quesadillas or firmer pasta in red sauce and layered lasagna. For beverages, Firangi Bake has a wide list and for the meal climaxers, you can enjoy an array of cakes and other mouth-watering desserts. Some of the top meals on their menu are the lasagna and minced chicken foods such as meats and the quesadillas.

4.  Pizza On My Plate (POMP)

Pizza On My Plate (POMP)

Source: Just Dial

Thus, among all the leading cloud kitchens in India, Pizza On My Plate or POMP has been one of the handfuls of excellence because it has always ensured to deliver its pizzas straight to customers’ doorsteps in a hot and freshly baked form. The concept of having a delivery-only kitchen makes it possible for POMP to have well-prepared pizzas in India by allowing the use of fresh dough and quality toppings. Apart from the scrumptious pizzas, POMP also offers the burgers, pasta and chips to the customers which is really good for one to gain citizenship.

5. Box8- Cloud Kitchens in India


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Box8 is an online food delivery company headquartered in India providing mouth-watering and fresh meals, snacks, and desserts as well as delivering them to the consumers’ doorsteps. The company strongly operates on the policy of “keeping it desi”, while it also extends the prospect of trying out more global options and tastes. The food offerings at Box8 can range right from yummy biryani, delicious wraps and sandwiches, appetizing roti-sabzi or any sort of food that you would desire.

6. LiveAltlife- Cloud Kitchens in India


Source: LiveAltlife

Finally, for people who are interested in yummy and healthy meals served in healthy ways LiveAltlife is a cloud kitchen to watch out for. Here, you can enjoy numerous dishes of various types of cuisine, designed for people with individual diets and lifestyles. The menu offered by LiveAltlife includes appetizers, biryanis, breads, burgers, chaats, Chinese dishes, desserts, dine, drinks, starters, sweets, Indian and international sweets, south Indian delicacies, tandoori dishes, vegetarian dishes, and much more.

7. Oven Story Pizza

Oven Story Pizza

Source: Oven Story

Today, Oven Story Pizza is recognised as one of the leading pizza firms in India, which creates tasty pizza. With brand new carefully sourced ingredients and age-old techniques, they serve the tastiest Italian pizzas that would draw any demand. Their oven pizza has cheese, pepperoni, tandoori and other mouth-watering items that will convince any person. Today we have 160 Oven story pizza outlets in various cities of India providing the customers the delicious pies whenever they want.

8. Kitchen Karate

Kitchen Karate

Source: X

Kitchen Karate is a cloud kitchen with delicious Asian food as meal selections that are both healthy and cheap with delicious taste and suitable for the entire family. Having an opportunity to enjoy great tasty Asian dishes along with convenient online ordering, delivery of your meal right to your door has become a piece of cake. Their best recommended dishes include Kung Pao and cream cheese dimsums and be prepared to savour the great taste of these foods.

9. SLAY Coffee

SLAY Coffee

Source: SLAY Coffee

SLAY Coffee currently operates more than a hundred stores in India, making the chain a popular choice for enthusiasts of true-to-flavour coffee. Their niche is in delivering freshly brewed coffees which are prepared from ground coffee beans and served in containers that are airtight and properly sealed to lock in the heat and maintain the freshness of the coffee aroma for as long as possible. Such a focus towards quality and hygiene is one of the major reasons which has made SLAY Coffee be among the best cloud kitchens serving coffee in India.

10. Sweet Truth- Cloud Kitchens in India

Sweet Truth

Source: EatSure

Sweet Truth is a cloud kitchen that serves dessert lovers – and if you’re a fan of sweet treats, you need to check them out! Some of the seats are very comfortable; they indeed have some of the best cloud kitchens in the country, and their desserts are divine. Now there are a great number of possibilities that can help you to select the one you like More detailed, the list of the desert includes following: If you’re concerned with the quality of food served, you need not fret; all the food served is prepared with fresh produce to give you a meal full of flavours and richness.

11. Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani

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Cloud kitchens or virtual restaurants as they are sometimes termed are usually designed to come ideally from the concept of Behrouz Biryani is one of the best cloud kitchen outfits in India. Behrouz Biryani was established in the year 2015 by Jaydeep Barman under Rebel Foods, however it has the advantage of separating itself from other basic Indian cuisine restaurants by going back up to 2000 years to the Persian kingdom of Behrouz. They acquire their foods from the most reputable dealers, and every meal they have is cooked professionally and meticulously. The outcome is a set of delicious looking biryanis that will satisfy everyone right from those Bengalis who can live only on biryanis to the whites who are tasting it for the first time?



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For those who are a big fan of burgers, they will find Burger In My Box (BIMBo) to be enticing with their heavier choices of burgers. The prospects of this cloud kitchen include numerous kinds of burgers all of which use fresh foods and guarantee the most delectable feel in every food served. If you are in the mood for a quick small sized Veggie Burger or a heavy large juicy Mutton patty Burger BIMBo serves it all to soothe your taste buds.

13. HOI Foods 

HOI Foods 

Source: LinkedIn

HOI Foods is a cloud kitchen based in India, which is one of the few early entrants into this space it offers personalized, multiple cuisine combinations of meals to the consumers. Whether it is a lunch for an office or dinner for home HOI Foods provide a rather wide-ranging menu to cater for different tastes. 

It boasts a reputation of buying all the necessary ingredients on the market and skillful addition of spices to create delicious dishes that give customers’ taste buds a wonderful experience after a long day at work. It is important to note that the key difference of their product is the promise to keep the product as affordable as possible while still delivering a quality and tasty product.

Where traditional kitchens were a part of large restaurant groups or food chains, delivering food in-house or through third-party aggregators, the modern kitchens or cloud kitchens have gone beyond these limited models and have contributed significantly to the change in consumption patterns of food in India, successfully catering to the new-age consumer requirement through the innovative model that HOI Foods presents. 

 14. TravelKhana


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TravelKhana is one of the well-known cloud kitchens based in Noida headquartered company that specially deals in the fresh food delivery for rail passengers throughout Indian railways. The easy ordering procedure is unique and entails a client to be able to place an order for a meal by navigating through his/her mobile phone at the comfort of the platform or the railway station. TravelKhana then delivers the ordered food products to various seats in the train directly.

As well, since TravelKhana aims to facilitate access to food for travellers who are using rail transport, the services provided by TravelKhana not only benefit clients but also vendors and restaurants, as they are able to effectively manage the incoming orders and meet the needs of their clients. It currently services over 80 cities and remains aggressively targeting more cities all through the Indian Railway.

TravelKhana was started in 2012 by a passionate entrepreneur Pushpinder Singh who initiated the company with the objective of transforming the railway food provider sector of India.

15.FreshMenu- Cloud Kitchens in India


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FreshMenu is an online food ordering company and a start up based in Bangalore, India and they deliver freshly cooked multi cuisine meals. Their available meals as highlighted in the next section cover a broad category of foods such as oriental, Italian, continental, and many more. An important characteristic of FreshMenu is that they change their menus every day to allow the customers to delight in fresh meals that are prepared on order and delivered right to their doorstep within the next 45 minutes. The company was founded in 2014 by Rashmi Daga, an entrepreneur who already has experience as a CEO of several enterprises.


The cloud kitchen model in India is not only thriving but also revolutionizing the food service industry. By eliminating the need for physical dining spaces, these virtual kitchens offer a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs to enter the market and for established brands to expand their reach. This innovative approach has transformed consumer habits, making high-quality, diverse, and freshly prepared meals accessible with the convenience of delivery.