Biryani By Kilo is a meal delivery business that specialises in Biryani. The organisation attempts to provide delectable meals right to one’s door. Biryani By Kilo delivers traditional Mughal meals including biryani, kebabs, phirni, and other Mughal specialties.

Biryani By Kilo’s tagline is “There’s always a reason to celebrate…” 

After much deliberation, Kaushik Roy and his buddy Vishal Jindal decided on biryani as their favorite dish. In May 2015, the two embarked on their business journey as a challenge with the goal of starting again. Through their project, they want to preserve the Khansama style of cooking. The duo’s venture, Biryani By Kilo, was a big hit among biryani fans. The organization has locations in Mumbai and Delhi NCR. Biryani By Kilo processes around 1000 orders every day, with an average order value of INR 900.

Biryani By Kilo is a restaurant that serves biryani in clay pots (Handis). Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, and Kolkata biryani are all available. The firm generally follows the cloud-kitchen model, with dine-in choices available at certain locations based on latent demand. Biryani By Kilo also provides home delivery of their popular traditional cooked dishes.

Unlike other restaurants that mass-produce, Biryani by Kilo’s USP is to “dum cook” fresh biryani for each individual order and deliver biryani in the same handi.

The firm also includes clay angeethis with each purchase to maintain the smoky flavor and aroma of the spices used in the rice, enhancing the biryani experience.

Nizami delicacies like kebabs, kormas, and phirni are also available from BBK. The goal of always offering fresh biryani appears to have worked.

Regardless of the delivery time, the organization has a staff team of 300 people. Because the consumers of the concerned firm trust it, it attracts all of its Biryani fans. The startup company’s income for the 2017-18 fiscal year was Rs 12.5 crores, and it is now generating Rs.2.4 crores every month.

The company says that it is performing well and that it is expanding its business at a pace of 70% to 80% per year, with a current sales run rate of $3.4 million, or INR 24 crores per year. By 2022, Biryani By Kilo expects to generate $72 million in sales. That’s what I call ambition! Biryani By Kilo’s staff used their money well right from the start, which allowed the firm to achieve phenomenal development.