The never-ending walks of life are often tiresome and sometimes it does take a toll on yourself. In between meeting expectations and fighting for perfection, one may lose the subtle happy moments that are constantly circling around you. Examples can come in several forms like attending that interesting art exhibition, enjoying a peaceful hike by switching off your mobile phones or the impeccable self-contentment that you can feel while cleaning your house. 

Tonabolic- A group of passionate certified fitness consultants waiting to help you be your best version
Tonabolic- A group of passionate certified fitness consultants waiting to help you be your best version

But all of these can vanish with a snip of a finger, if the wellness of your health comes in the way. This is because you forget a nutritious breakfast as you were late to dive into the daily commute to work or the sleep that loves you so much could not hug you or the excruciating stress from your work is affecting your work-life balance. Business Outreach Magazine brings you the story of Tonabolic, who believes that the hand of a certified fitness coach will guide you towards the healthier, fitter and better paths of your life. 

The resemblance to your life can be equated with the founder of Tonabolic, Ashrita Datta, who after 15 years of hustle in the corporate world, had her calling towards building something for herself. She felt the hour of working out to be the best and most enjoyable hour of the day and logically desired to convert this into her profession. And with this bag of hope and faith, she went towards getting the right amount of certification and training in the fitness industry. 

Ashrita believes that the industry is severely unorganized and there is a huge gap in fitness certified coaches. Most of the help an individual can get are from trainers, who just have experiences rather than the right know-how of the human anatomy. Tonabolic empowers the idea of what your body needs with the right coaching, rather than starving you to lose some inches of fat. 

From the inception of the company in 2017, Tonabolic started with 4 certified coaches that is now going strong with 12 highly trained fitness experts. Although the struggle to find a proper certified coach is real, Tonabolic follows a very unique business model. The coaches will go to the clients rather than taking the hassle to reach them. The flexible structure allows Tonabolic to reach a client’s office, home or even an open park. 

The fitness classes include training in Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, Mobility, Agility Drives, Kickboxing, Yoga, Dance Fitness and Pilates. Their package includes 3 sessions per week in one-on-one personal training or premium personal training groups. After training more than 4,000 participants and facilitating more than 400 hours of coaching month on month, it is safe to say that the structured classes led by Tonabolic’s certified coaches from accredited bodies for fitness training, namely, ACE, RIA, NASM, BFY, ISST, etc- they are poised to get you fit and confident, with progressive training methods. 

Tonabolic has contributed to Corporate Wellness and worked with clients like GAP, Infosys, Vodafone, RR Kabel, Prokarma, etc. They have also collaborated with the ELMS Sports Foundation in many state government sports authority projects. In Hyderabad, Tonabolic have collaborated in many sports events like Republic Ride 2018, Freedom Ride 2019, etc. A quote from James Clear inspires Ashrita, which says “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your  systems”. Testimonial from Ritesh Prasad, who says, “Ashrita and her band of instructors at Tonabolic offer some of the best lessons in fitness. The classes themselves are quite challenging, well structured and keep pushing your limits. As they say ‘no pain, no gain’ and Tonabolic definitely fits this expression to a T!” Tonabolic has a strong objective to transform the lives of more than 10,000 people in the coming year and we hope that the mark will be crossed even more than that.