One of India’s top automakers, Tata Motors, declared today that it had produced 50 lakh passenger automobiles. It took Tata Motors 25 years to reach this milestone after introducing several renowned brands to the nation starting in 1998. This milestone was marked with tremendous hoopla by this Indian vehicle manufacturer with headquarters in Mumbai.

The landmark of producing 10 lakh passenger vehicles was attained by Tata Motors in 2004, while the 20 lakh mark was attained in 2010. Five years later, in 2015, the company produced 30 lakh units, and in 2020, it passed the 40 lakh unit production mark.

“This journey, from each million to the next, has been one replete with its fair share of ups and downs,” Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Managing Director Shailesh Chandra said in a statement.

Notwithstanding COVID-19 and the semiconductor scarcity issue that afflicted the whole global automobile industry, the business claimed that it was able to advance from 40 lakh cars to 50 lakh units in just three years. Tata Motors will launch a celebration campaign for consumers and workers all throughout the nation to mark the five million production milestone.

The business said that it will have festivities at all of its regional offices and manufacturing facilities throughout the whole month. In addition, it reported on Wednesday that overall wholesale sales were up 3% year over year, totaling 79,705 units. That was February.

The company’s total car sales in February 2023 climbed by 3% to 79,705 units from 77,733 units during the same period in the previous year, according to a statement from Tata Motors. In addition, domestic car sales increased by 6% last month, from 73,875 units sold in February 2022 to 78,006 units sold last month.

According to the carmaker, the company’s domestic passenger vehicle sales, which include electric cars, totaled 43,140 units in February, up from 40,181 units during the same month last year.

The business also said that it saw a 3% dip in domestic commercial vehicle sales overall, with sales falling from 37,552 units in February 2022 to 36,565 units in the same month this year.