Not only the country but the whole world acknowledges the legacy of TATA MOTORS LIMITED, one of the strongest and greatest units of TATA GROUP. 

it’s an Indian multinational automotive industry, which has carved its name in every Indian’s heart. One can walk around the city and can find the dominance that the brand has established in recent years. 


Introduction –

Tata Motors Limited is one of the most valuable segment of The Tata Group. Earlier known as the Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company was founded in 1945. The brand entered the competitive Indian market with its first indigenous passenger automobile “Indica”, followed with the supermini car “Nano” global automotive industries criticized a lot about the build and technology of the cars. But the fact the model generated extreme sales and was even exported to some European countries. This was the onset of the greatest man and its venture.

The Greatest of all- RATAN TATA –


Ratan Naval Tata is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and the former chairman of Tata Sons. Known for his philanthropic activities and initiatives, he continued the unforgettable legacy of  Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata. Ratan Tata completed his education from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, and returned to India in 1962 and gained his experience working with with several Tata Group businesses. He became the chairman of Tata industries after 30 years in 1991 by succeeding his uncle J.R.D Tata. Under the leadership of Ratan Tata, the group aggressively expanded and gained attention from brands and industries far overseas. Tata extensively focused on globalizing the brand.

A Sweet Revenge- TATA Buys Jaguar Land Rover-


It all started with a global financial crisis that landed on very gaint. Ratan Tata was one of the industrial giants who faced this crisis and decided to sell one of the group’s business to the American car manufacturer Ford. In 1999, Ratan Tata with his team took his car business to America in order to pack a deal with Ford Motors.There he and his team faced “humiliation” when the owner rejected the offer and made comments on the Tata manufactured cars.9 years later, the same man who was once humiliated by Ford, came back and bought the giant marquee brands Jaguar and Land Rover when they were on the brink of bankruptcy. The chairman of Ford thanked Ratan Tata for by saying “You’re doing us a big favor by buying jaguar and land rover”Since then, the brand has emerged as one of the most luxurious under the lead of the Tata Group.

Jaguar and Land Rover 

Jaguar Land Rover is a British luxury Automobile manufacturing Pvt. Ltd company. Taken over by Tata Group in 2008, is now a subsidiary under Tata Motors which is headquartered in the United Kingdom.  The car maker features in making Luxury sedans, coupes, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) . The brand made its comeback under the supervision of Tata Group. The iconic Land Rover segment of SUVs is one of the world’s greatest piece of machinery, making its place in the homes of popular movie celebs and politicians. Both brands were merged into one as “Jaguar Land Rover” in 2013. 

TATA Daewoo- South Korea

Tata Daewoo, based in South Korea is the commercial vehicle segment that is owned by Tata Motors working as its subsidiary. It is the second largest heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer in South Korea under the leadership of Kim Bang-Shin, CEO & president of Tata Daewoo, South Korea.

Revenue Generated- TATA Motors

Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automotive industry of automobile manufacturing that manufactures almost every type of vehicle, whether it is hatchbacks, military-grade vehicles, vans, tanks and jets. The Indian giant has generated a whooping revenue of US $37 Billion in 2022 which is more than 2 lakh crores. Under the supervision of Guenter Butsckek, the company has made it to the big leagues in no time.

Defence Vehicles by TATA


The history dates back to World War II when Tata supplied armored steel to support the cause. Since then, Tata has been the largest supplier of armored steel and products. After independence, Tata contributed in serving the defense needs of India. Not only the military but the group has supplied over 100,000+ vehicles to paramilitary and police forces of India. The gaint even supplies its vehicles to United Nations, ASEAN, and African nations. The popular military “Jack” is one of the toughest military-grade vehicles that is manufactured in the vehicle factory of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 


Tata Group is one of the leading conglomerates in India and overseas. Making its mark all over the world, whether it is business or charity. The group and its subsidiaries follow a systematic work ethic, the company took a drastic turn under the leadership of Ratan Tata and carved its history that still never gets old. Jaguar Land Rover is the luxury subsidiary of Tata Motors which strives to dominate the global market.

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