Spotify and Discord rushed to Twitter to alert subscribers that their services had been restored.

On Tuesday, March 8, Spotify and Discord were unavailable to thousands of users. Both companies took to Twitter to inform users that the problems were being investigated. Both the music streamer and the instant messenger reported on Twitter that their services had been restored in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to the outage tracking website, over 138,000 users reported problems with Spotify, while over 65,000 reported problems with Discord. Downdetector monitors outages by aggregating status updates from many sources, including user-submitted faults on its platform. The outage could affect a bigger number of people.

Discord said in a tweet, “We’re aware of an issue causing message failures and are working on a remedy.”

Within a few hours, it issued another tweet stating that its services had been largely restored. “We are still working on a few items, such as attachments and typing events, but those should be back up and running shortly,” it said.

“Something isn’t quite right, and we’re investigating. Thank you for your updates!” Spotify Status, a Twitter account that gives updates on Spotify’s current status, announced the news in a tweet.

Spotify, like Discord, responded with a further tweet within a few hours, indicating that “things are looking better.” Many of its customers were having “issues logging in and contacting customer assistance,” according to the company.

Spotify announced the closure of its Russian operation earlier this month. It also eliminated state-sponsored content from its platform. Spotify stated in a statement that the action was in response to an “unprovoked onslaught against Ukraine,” and that it has taken numerous