Sony Mobility will be launched in the spring of 2022.

Sony Group of Japan will launch a new firm for electric vehicles this spring, according to its chairman, becoming the latest technology company to increase its goals in the fast-growing field.

Sony’s chairman and president, Kenichiro Yoshida, made the remark during a live feed of the CES technology convention in Las Vegas. He stated that the new firm, Sony Mobility, would be launched in the spring of 2022, with the intention of exploring entry into the electric vehicle market. Sony has already announced the existence of a prototype vehicle that is currently being tested on public roads. Sony announced during the 2020 CES show that it would begin testing self-driving cars to improve the company’s sensing and safety technology.

At the presentation, Sony also showcased an electric concept automobile with 33 embedded sensors, including image sensors and solid-state light detection and ranging (Lidar). The concept car, which was created in collaboration with Bosch, Continental, and other partners, also integrates Sony’s in-car entertainment systems and spatial audio technologies.