Beyond Snack Expands Production and Seeks $10 Million in Funding


Beyond Snack is a premium snack start-up in India that is growing very fast. The company has made big strides in building its operations to fuel further growth. Beyond Snack gained massive attention when it participated in the Indian version of “Shark Tank,” announcing the opening of a manufacturing plant and taking an additional $10 million in funding next year.

Since its founding in 2020, Beyond Snack, now present in most of the Indian snacks market, has been dedicated to preparing banana chips with robust nutrition derived from the Nendran bananas. The Nendran bananas are directly sourced from the farmers in Kerala and its neighboring states, and the processing is done within 24 hours to maintain its farm-to-table distinction.

The new production center is part of Beyond Snack’s corporate strategy for scaled-up production to increase the supply of the product. The plant will ensure the betterment of its distribution network through improvements in supply chain capability, thereby allowing the company to penetrate more markets in India and around the world. The expansion also reflected Beyond Snack’s commitment to supporting local communities through employment generation in rural areas where its setup exists.

Beyond Snack also looks forward to scaling up for a $10 million fundraise next year. This is expected to go towards supporting even further market sprawl as it rolls out more investment in research and development to increase its product features. On that note, the company has already succeeded in its very recent $3.5 million round led by the NABVENTURES Fund. Last fundraiser was instrumental to enhance the distribution network and strengthen the supply chain of the company.

What makes Beyond Snack innovative in the crowded snack food market is their effort to reinvent the traditional banana chip. What the company does is a consistent cooking process, thereby reducing the absorption of oil and the fat content—a much needed healthier alternative to fat. The chips come in flavors like Cheesy Jalapeno and Sriracha Delight to suit the taste palates of many. This innovation has proved particularly appealing to younger customers as a rather unique and healthier kind of snack product.

The brand doesn’t just live in physical retail. The digital presence of Beyond Snack and the online brand is actively developed on such large platforms as Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Blinkit, Swiggy, and Zepto. This has thus established a connection to customers pan-India and even globally, including countries like the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Australia—a strong presence in many other regions.

Beyond Snack is a commitment to much more than selling snacks—the idea is to elevate banana chips into potato chips, displayed on retail shelves across the world. The mission is to provide genuine, high-quality, and a trusted snacking choice that changes the view people have of banana chips. This is fueled by passion for innovation, a sense of duty to support the banana farming community, and sincere will to get things forward.

Thus, to brief, Beyond Snack is on high potential cusp, having initiated a new plant and seeking to raise a serious large sum. This shall enable the company to expand the capacity to meet the rise in demand and open new vistas of innovation in the quest to enhance its global market presence, first in India and finally across the world. Set with much solid foundation and vision, Beyond Snack is on its way to undertake an exhilarating journey towards turning itself into a household brand in the world of snacks.