Actor and entrepreneur Parul Gulati recently spoke out about the criticism she has received on social media after securing an investment of Rs 1 crore from Shark and CarDekho CEO Amit Jain for a 2 percent equity stake in her brand, Nish Hair, on the finale of Shark Tank India season 2. Netizens alleged that the pitch was scripted and that judges on the show should invest in small businesses instead of supporting a successful actor.

In an interview with ETimes, Gulati acknowledged that she did write the first three lines of her pitch, but she argued that this does not mean the entire pitch was scripted. She expressed frustration with the assumption that just because she was able to answer the judges’ questions well, the show must have been scripted. Gulati also pushed back against the idea that being witty and attractive somehow meant she was not capable of crafting her own pitch.

While the criticism did bother her at first, Gulati ultimately took pride in her success on the show. She noted that even though she was nervous when she began her pitch, she was able to secure a significant investment. Gulati also highlighted that she received positive feedback from the judges, who praised her business acumen and presentation skills.

Parul Gulati’s experience of facing criticism for branching out into a new field is not unique, particularly for successful individuals, especially women. Such criticism can discourage people from taking risks and pursuing their goals. Therefore, it is crucial to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that goes into building a successful business, regardless of one’s background or previous accomplishments. Criticism based on unfounded assumptions or biases can harm deserving entrepreneurs and prevent them from receiving the necessary support to succeed.

Parul Gulati’s encounter with censure for delving into a novel realm is not an isolated instance, notably for triumphant personalities, chiefly women. Such opprobrium has the potential to dishearten individuals from undertaking risks and striving toward their aspirations. Thus, it is of utmost significance to acknowledge the strenuous effort and unwavering determination needed to establish a prosperous enterprise, despite one’s upbringing or antecedent accomplishments. Demeaning remarks based on unjustified assumptions or prejudices may impair meritorious entrepreneurs and deter them from obtaining the requisite assistance to thrive.

It is essential to celebrate Parul Gulati’s success on Shark Tank India rather than diminishing it. Her determination, business acumen, and effective pitching skills have earned her significant investment. Instead of criticizing her based on unfounded assumptions, we should applaud her success and inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, and it takes considerable effort and courage to succeed. Women, specifically, encounter additional impediments when embarking on entrepreneurial pursuits. Thus, it is imperative to establish a conducive atmosphere that acknowledges and promotes their contributions. We must extol the triumphs of thriving entrepreneurs and equip them with essential resources to aid others in accomplishing success.

In simple terms, we need to appreciate and celebrate the hard work and dedication required to build a successful business. We should also recognize and admire entrepreneurs who have achieved success like Parul Gulati. It’s important to create an encouraging environment that motivates people to take risks and follow their dreams. This way, we can inspire more people to become entrepreneurs and help develop the next generation of business leaders.