Samsung is planning to bring major improvements in its next-generation ISOCELL camera sensors in order to provide better video quality.

The multi-frame and multi-exposure processing improves still images by taking at least two frames, low exposure and high exposure, and merging them for better dynamic range, reports SamMobile.

However, it is difficult to make good videos because the camera needs to take at least 60 frames for a 30fps video.

The tech giant is planning to enhance video quality by improving light sensitivity, dynamic range, luminance range and depth sensing.

It has developed a high-refractive nano-structure for the optical wall between the colour filters of pixels and is calling it Nano-Photonics Color Routing which will come to ISOCELL cameras in 2024.

To improve the dynamic range of videos, Samsung is planning to launch smartphone camera sensors with an in-sensor, single-exposure HDR technology.

Reports said that Samsung is also planning to improve the quality of portrait videos by using iToF (indirect time of flight) depth sensors that have an integrated ISP.

“With these three improvements, Samsung is planning to improve the quality of still images and videos on smartphones. All these technologies will debut sometime in 2023 and 2024. We expect these sensors to be used in the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S25.”- the company officially said.

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