In the fast paced world, society looks for cues of inspiration. Leaders who foster inspiration always get to be the change-makers of the world. India, in the current economic landscape, has been gaining a lot of appreciation from global markets. Our country is evolving in its diverse range of industries and it is the testament of hard work of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In the growth timeline of Bharat, the real estate industry has always provided scalability. Business Outreach Magazine is moving ahead while featuring the exceptional success story of Vinit Matlani.

Vinit Matlani

Vinit Matlani founded Rudram Realty with the objective to help salaried employees own land, as an asset. While Rudram Realty, under the leadership of Vinit Matlani, operates from Mumbai, the company is set to scale their business to gain more customers. Upon gaining years of experience in the real estate industry, Vinit noticed optimistic potential in investing in agricultural land in the region of Raigad, Mumbai.

Most importantly, Vinit Matlani believes that owning a land should be accessible and be considered as a bullish area for investment. Over the years, there have been several challenges in the real estate industry, but Vinit Matlani has strategized his company’s growth with expertise, patience and resilience. A great leader like Vinit has always stood by the principles of exercising respect in a work-culture. This perspective has retained the employees at Rudram Realty for over a decade.

Vinit Matlani

The mission statement of Rudram Realty is ‘land for every Indian’. And coming from a Sindhi family, Vinit Matlani means business growth. In ideating the progress of Rudram Realty, Vinit and his team is working towards selling 10 lakh units/year. And their aim is not to settle any less than this figure.

Vinit Matlani has a Bachelors in Management Studies and has accumulated his industry insights and expertise while working for decades. Currently, Vinit is involved in business management, acquiring new land parcels for the company. Rudram Realty is committed to invest about Rs. 500 crores in Raigad district in the coming years.

Vinit Matlani points out that after COVID-19, people got clarity over the importance of owning large areas of land for farming opportunities and building farm houses. Living close to nature has indeed shed light of a better quality of life for us all. In 2018, Rudram Realty was awarded by Maharashtra Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis as the fastest growing real estate company in Mumbai.

In spite of events like demonetization, GST implementations on business, Vinit Matlani has grown as a leader and led Rudram Realty towards progress. When we asked Vinit Matlani on growth, he said, “To be successful you have to sacrifice, don’t be short visioned, think long term and work in One Industry Only.”