As part of the integration strategy, QYOU President Glenn Ginsburg will oversee synergies between the US and Indian companies.

Media company QYOU USA Media Inc. announced that it would unite its global operations headquartered in the United States and India to create a global media solution.

Pranay Swarup and Julie Kriegshaber, CEO and COO of Chtrbox, the influencer marketing agency owned by QYOU Media, will serve as co-vice presidents and provide strategic advice on the collaborative effort.

QYOU’s vision behind our 2021 acquisition of Chtrbox was to become a global creator media powerhouse. Since then, both the India and US influencer marketing teams have independently doubled their business, and we feel confident that with a joint offering across teams will further fuel this growth trajectory,” Curt Marvis, chief executive officer and co-founder, QYOU Media Inc said in a statement.

QYOU President Glenn Ginsburg added that in addition to expanding the company’s list of regular customers within QYOU’s US team, demand for pan-regional and global events has also increased. “With Chtrbox we can further support our clients with scaled and cost-effective efforts that are relevant and authentic. We’re really excited to tap into the Chtrbox team of 80 plus influencer marketing specialists, their creator networks in India, Asia, and around the world,” Ginsburg said in a statement.

Chtrbox’s Indian team, led by Co-Vice Presidents Karan Pherwani and Mrunali Dedhia, and ChtrSocial Director Darshil Shah, will work directly with QYOU USA President Glenn Ginsburg to continue this integration and growth.