The journey of Prescrip Health Technology LLP – a fast-growing healthcare technology company, began in 2014. It is the brainchild of Shekhar Rawtani, who joined forces with Tanay Surkund and Rahul Dhingra as partners. Since then, Prescrip has evolved into an all-in-one platform for healthcare professionals that simplifies and enables e-prescriptions, appointments, online consultations, analytics of patient data, and discovery of practice.

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The Mumbai-based company focuses on improving the speed and efficiency of healthcare delivery and therapy outcomes. It enables doctors to create prescriptions in seconds, share them instantly with patients, maintain secure digital records of the patient data for easy access, and keep a track of the patient’s recovery. The platform empowers doctors to take their private practice online, unlike other platforms where they have to share the digital space with other doctors. It operates on a freemium model.

Aimed at reducing the gap in the adoption of technology in the Indian healthcare segment, Prescrip had humble beginnings, with its founders spending hours outside clinics collecting feedback and onboarding leading doctors on the platform. Their years of hard work resulted in some of the Key Opinion Leaders in healthcare becoming Prescrip’s loyal users and advisors, providing critical feedback leading to the creation of the most doctor friendly solution. The company has grown rapidly with its current team of 15 driven professionals, while the solution has evolved into a simple yet comprehensive solution available across all technology platforms.

Leading pharmaceutical brands have tied up with Prescrip as a part of their outreach to doctors, creating awareness about technology changing the healthcare delivery experience and promoting Prescrip as the simplest platform available to become a part of that change. Prescrip focuses mainly on digital marketing and remote support for customer onboarding and retention.

Apart from its freemium features, the platform’s subscription-based value-added services empower doctors to collect consultation fees online, send personalized reminders for appointments and medicines. In its latest avatar, Prescrip is offering an Appointment and Billing Section along with features such as Automated Assistant, SmartQueue Management System aimed at reducing the wait time at clinics and ensure social distancing, added security, and 100% Private Consultation via WhatsApp alongside other integrations. It will further be able to aggregate all doctors’ appointments, including online bookings, walk-ins, and call-based appointments.

The platform currently caters to over 7,000 registered doctors across multiple specialties in 477 cities across India and is on the way to becoming the most preferred comprehensive clinic management solution for healthcare practitioners.

The company’s vision of providing high-quality, affordable solutions that align with the changing needs of its users is well on the way to success. With further plans to raise funding shortly and an aggressive growth strategy in terms of users, market share, and revenue, the platform plans on onboarding over 3,00,000 doctors over the next three years. It also intends to increase active usage by 70%. This goal will make the platform the choicest technological solution for every doctor, clinic, and hospital that strives to deliver quality healthcare in India.