What is human civilization without a proper quality of life? Is it a facade of modern day trends? Or the residence of hope somewhere lying beyond the shadows of suffering? There can be endless conversation related to the right way of leading a life. But the pure mindset depends on analyzing reality and taking care of oneself, both psychologically and physically. Doctors are the messiah of peace and good living in our contemporary timeline. 

A Brief History-

The idea to collaborate medicine and technology has always been the vision of leading doctors of the society. Today, Business Outreach Magazine cannot wait to illustrate the rewarding career of Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar, a beacon of homoeopathic treatment. 

Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar comes from a spectrum of time, when homoepathy was under rigorous innovation and progress. His sole objective to offer his expertise to the society and providing the best treatment possible, ideated to the creation of ‘Pushkar Homoeo World’. What started as an approach to serve the nation, transformed into something very holistic and self-fulfilling for Dr. Arvind. He garnered extreme warmth and blessings from his patients, who got treated for incurable diseases. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

For Dr. Arvind Pushkar, the nobility behind exercising homoeopathy is to understand the purpose of his life with the purity of medical science. While strategizing ‘Pushkar Homoeo World’, Dr. Arvind heavily focused on software development. The advancements in technology allowed him to shape a system that detects symptoms for treating patients. The software also stores endless knowledge of homoepathy literature for studying and research. Additionally, there is an expert panel of physicians always available for online consultations. 

The diverse career of Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar comes with working on multiple projects. He conducted more than 15 audio visual classes in Medical Colleges and Institutes in U.P. Dr. Arvind worked with the renowned Homoeopathic Drug Company, SBL Pvt. Ltd in a 1 year contract, for the publicity  and marketing strategy of the company in 2004-2005. Additionally, Dr. Pushkar has been the Editor of Homoeopathic Duniya Journal Published by N.N.Homoeo Lab., Lucknow and authored the Homoeopathic Book Series, Medical Hormony, which is a text book for Homoeopathic medical students. 

Key Takeaways-

Furthermore, Dr. Arvind worked as a researcher during the TUBERCULOSIS – Drug Assessment study, conducted by the Management Science for Health (MSH), USA. He has worked on several other pivotal projects that allowed Dr. Arvind to become an expert in homoeopathic treatment.

When it comes to education, Dr. Arvind completed BHMS from National Homoeopathic Medical College, Lucknow and passed in 2002. He has a DMP (Diploma in Modern Pharmacology) in 2021 from Singhania University, Udaipur in Rajasthan. This education allowed Dr. Arvind to practice allopathy for a year, where he understood deeper intricacies of medicine and science. Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar also has a Doctorate in Dermatology in Homoeopathy by Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies approved by American Council of Training and Development, NJ, USA. 

Dr. Arvind has won several awards like Best Homoeopathic Physician Year 2023 by MTTV India Awarded by Title Inspiring Indians Awards on 15 th August 2023, the International Achievers Award 2023 for Best Homoeopathic Clinic by Gyan Uday Foundation Kota Rajasthan, Rashtriya Gaurav Award by Socially Point Foundation on 26 th June 2023 at Indore , MP for excellent work in Homoeopathy and many others. For Dr. Arvind Kumar Pushkar, life is  when “We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.”