India is the largest democracy in the world that is featuring the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. With effective government support and inclusive policies, businesses are emerging, thus giving more opportunities for the nation’s working professionals. But the most interesting prognosis lies in the far-sightedness of our political leaders. The biggest responsibility falls upon their shoulders to navigate India and its GDP to scalable results. It is a curious-driven process to understand the proactive efforts of a political strategist, whose rationale and analytical approach magnetizes victory for political leaders. 

Political Strategist Suraj Shinde

Business Outreach Magazine collaborates with Suraj Shinde, a remarkable political strategist, who has years of industry experience has culminated in brilliant socio-political campaigns for leaders. Suraj’s leadership perspective dates back to his college days, when he helped a friend ace a victory for the position of General Secretary at college. Being a social activist, Suraj Shinde garnered invaluable lessons working on diverse tiers. He identified a thought-provoking mindset in both members of the District Councils and Administrative officials of Sarpanch at the Panchayat System. Suraj shares that the monumental display of power lies in the political gathering, where the leaders are the true beacon of decision-makers. This intrigued Suraj Shinde in building Top Analytica, in being one of the fastest growing political firms in India.

Suraj Shinde has worked with Jan Suraj and Prashant Kishore in Bihar in the Jan Suraj Yatra. Here, he learned the key steps to create a political firm. With a more diverse mindset, Suraj built Top Analytica in 2023. It is inspirational to express that leaders are sculpted from the field of resilience. Suraj Shinde, since his college days, has been an active representative of the NSS (National Service Scheme). His gradual evolution of being a social activist scaled with an impressive trajectory of serving the society. 

After this Suraj Shinde joined the Pani Foundation, which worked on projects for water conservation. At this juncture, he worked at the remote region of Nandurbar, which is at the border of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Suraj Shinde worked with six Adivasi communities and encouraged more women to join the Gram Sabha. Women are the strength of a successful economy and Suraj Shinde has been inspiring women to collaborate in successful Gram Sabha campaigns. With this clear vision, Suraj Shinde joined hands with Ashok Patait, whose commendable network with women self-help groups draws vivid prognosis of community participation. 

Vishal Dada Patil of the Sangli Lok Sabha in Maharashtra has hired TOP Analytica as his team in preparation for the 2024 election. Looking into numbers, we surpassed the BJP candidate in Sangli by an overwhelming majority of 1,00,059 votes. As an independent startup amidst the competitive domain of politics, that is a significant triumph. Working under Vishal Dada Patil has been a privilege for the team. 

Top Analytica, under the leadership of Suraj Shinde, offers services like Data Analysis, War Room operations, Call Centre Team management, Field Team deployment, Social Media Team engagement, Capacity Building Team support, and a dedicated Psychology Department. By embracing cutting-edge technologies like AI tailored with data-driven insights, Top Analytica provides strategic support to our clients. Some of the other exceptional services offered by Top Analytica are Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Opinion Polling, and Issue Identification for assemblies. The team also conducts training sessions for booth presidents to solidify their in-depth efficacy of their skills. 

It is indeed riveting to understand that Suraj Shinde puts ethical entrepreneurial practices at the pedestal and deters from misinformation as it sheds a negative impact on the clients campaigns. Suraj Shinde shares that it is challenging to stay abreast with the competitive landscape. But Suraj is committed to delivering the best results for his clients as he comes from his blueprint that says, ‘We will work and inevitably win.”