Greenfield Domestic Airport in the Shivamogga district of Sogane is part of the Centre’s UDAN initiative to make air travel affordable for all.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Shivamogga Airport, the dream project of former Karnataka Chief Minister and BJP Central Committee member BS Yediyurappa, on February 27.

Lingayat strongman supporters are eagerly awaiting the spectacle due to the belief that Yediyurappa was abandoned by the party at some point.

Yediyurappa of Shivamogga is eager to find a suitable place for his son B.Y. at the party. Vijayendra.

According to BJP sources, Yediyurappa expected his son to get a seat in the cabinet, so the expansion of the cabinet was delayed. In the past, the party has also rejected Vijayendra by denying him his ticket to stand in the MLC elections.

The well-equipped airport covers an area of ​​662.38 hectares. In addition to the runway, the terminal building, the air traffic control tower, and the fire station, it also includes taxiways, areas of traffic, access roads, peripheral roads, and perimeter walls.

The new Sogane Domestic Airport in Shivamogga District is part of the Centre’s UDAN initiative to make air travel affordable for all.

Yediyurappa’s son, MP Shivamogga Raghavendra, said on Tuesday that Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate the Shivamogga terminal on February 27 and his one-time flight will land at the terminal on time on the inauguration day.

The first trial flight lands at Shivamogga,” the Shivamogga MP wrote alongside the video of the aircraft landing at the airport on his Twitter handle. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will land at the newly constructed Shivamogga Airport on February 27 to officially open it. Let us all come and be a part of this historic time.”

Prime Minister Modi is also expected to take part in the roadshow and inaugurate the rebuilt Belagavi railway station, according to BJP sources.

Yediyurappa supporters want Prime Minister Modi to deliver his message to state residents and party insiders.

Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik (UDAN) is a government initiative to connect underserved and unserved airports across the country. Five airlines have won bids to operate 128 routes linking 70 airports under the hub’s Regional Connectivity Program (RCS).

As well as trying to solve the problem of empty airports, the program could also save money on travel. For one-hour flights, 50% of the seats on each flight will cost INR 2,500.

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