At a “fruitful meeting” with Nokia President and CEO Pekka Lundmark, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed next-generation digital infrastructure. In a tweet, the prime minister acknowledged the change.

A productive conversation with Mr. Pekka Lundmark, during which we talked about using technology for societal good, was described in a tweet by Prime Minister Modi. We also talked about India’s developments in the field of digital infrastructure.

The two discussed in depth how Nokia can assist India’s transition to 5G and its upcoming stage of digital transformation, according to the president and CEO of Nokia. They also talked about how Nokia may help India achieve its 6G goals, he continued.

Pekka Lundmark tweeted, “A delight to meet with Prime Minister Modi and discuss how Nokia is supporting India’s 5G network journey, the next stage of digital transformation, and our plans to assist India’s 6G objectives.”

Nishant Batra, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of Nokia, stated that Nokia is a strong supporter of India’s 5G development. Also, he stated that the manufacturing of the corporation is currently shifting toward India. According to a report from the news organization PTI, he stated that “India is developing as a significant digital potential of this decade. 5G infrastructure, applications, and the whole technological stack are all included.

India was Nokia’s second-most recent market during the third quarter of 2022 because of the country’s quick 5G deployment. If the 5G rollout in the nation continues at the same rate, Batra added, Nokia would be highly busy in the Indian market for at least the next 2.5 to 4 years.

Not only did Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft corp., praise India’s digital infrastructure, but he also predicted that it would be the world’s cheapest 5G market in the future. In addition, he said that India has opened up transactions for feature phones and that a very large percentage of its population uses smartphones.

Gates stated, “The connectivity has been extremely good, it is highly dependable, and it is the cheapest in the world,” during a meeting conducted during India’s G20 Presidency. And 5G will experience the same thing. Without a doubt, this will be the most affordable 5G market.