Artists are the canvas of human personality where the power of the brush dictates the story. We are so engrossed with the beauty of reality that the painting with the correct perspective and subject seems to awe us with nothing short of magnificence.

You see it is a gift to be able to put the image in our mind onto the purity of the paper. Business Outreach Magazine wants you to hold your time to understand the journey of an artist who has been at the pinnacle of his craftsmanship for a long time. 

A Brief History- 

Mohammed Arshad Ghole is a true portrayer of perfection when it comes to elegance in art work about clients and renowned celebrities. His creative expertise over the subject of art takes over the impression of the viewers and this appreciation and support motivated him to start, ‘The MAG Store’.

The MAG Store is a community of artists who have devoted their life to their passion for art and want to create a community of brilliant creatives. 

Apart from painting, Mohammed Arshad also loves athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, Michael Jordan, Rafael Nadal, and Lewis Hamilton. Arshad is also an Esports gamer, loves to travel, and is an avid sports enthusiast. 

Arshad’s entrepreneurial venture was initiated for a long time and he was in the quest to turn his faith into a successful business model. He still pictures the time when drew a fruit basket at just the age of 5 years. With constant support from his parents, Arshad gathered the joy from his mother, who asked him to draw a portrait of Munawar Faruqui, the great stand-up comedian. Arshad drew the art of Munawar so well that the showers of appreciation came from Mr. Faruqui himself for Arshad. 

Struggles and Success Stories- 

The MAG Store just does not want to sell art but create a creative impact for the artist community. Arshad says that client satisfaction is his top priority and he has been able to provide impeccable value to more than 3,000 clients in just a year of its inception in 2022. Mohammed Arshad completed his Masters in Management Studies with a Marketing Specialization from Fr.C Rodrigues Institute of Management Studies. 

He has also studied certifications of Brand Management from the University of London & London Business School and learned Pricing Strategy at Harvard Business School Online.

Key Takeaways- 

Getting promising support as an art brand, The MAG Store under the leadership of Mohammed Arshad has also received “Most Iconic Artist of the Year 2023” at Indian Icon Awards- PIA (Bangalore) and recognized by the guest of honor Pooja Hegde. Mohammed Arshad also got nominated for “Influencer of the Year 2023 “ at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2023 held by The Economic Times and the “Trending Artist of the Year 2023” at Global Fame Award (Mumbai) by chief guest Mr.Sonu Sood. 

The Indian culture of art is limitless and comes with pristine heritage and excellence. Arshad wants to further uphold the tradition with his form of passion and creativity. Arshad lives by the quote of Shahrukh Khan, “Stand by what you believe in. People who mind won’t matter and people who matter don’t mind it”. Arshad is aiming to take the MAG store to the global map and wants to get highly inspired by works of Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso. With such dedication, Mohammed Arshad will go towards further success.