The AI event of Microsoft is anticipated today at Remond, California at 11:30 IST.

Microsoft recently made headlines for its plans to include ChatGPT functionality in its Bing search engine. Now the company has announced a launch event with OpenAI, where it is expected to showcase its new AI-powered search engine.

The Microsoft-OpenAI event will be held today (February 7, 2023) at 11:30 PM CST in Redmond, CA. Microsoft is likely to announce several updates, including ChatGPT integration with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. However, the tech giant has yet to officially confirm whether it will announce an AI-integrated search engine.

As per a report by The Verge, the invite for the event mentions that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “share some progress on a few exciting projects.” This suggests that OpenAI is also likely to announce at the event its enhanced version of next-gen ChatGPT, which will be available exclusively on Microsoft Bing.

Additionally, Microsoft can integrate various ChatGPT features into its Office 365 and Outlook. It should be noted that, so far, Microsoft has not announced any live streams for its event. As such, the event will be a physical event at Microsoft headquarters in California.

Recall that Microsoft Corp recently announced an advanced Teams messaging product powered by ChatGPT. It will simplify meetings using the AI ​​chatbot taking Silicon Valley by storm.

The premium service will cost $7 a month in June, before dropping to $10 in July, according to the company. ChatGPT, owned by OpenAI, will automatically generate meeting minutes, recommend tasks, and help create meeting templates for Teams users.

Microsoft announced a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI earlier this month, saying it intended to add ChatGPT technology to all of its products, paving the way for increased competition from the part of Google, its rival Alphabet Inc.

Chatbots, which can compose prose or poetry on command, are at the forefront of generative artificial intelligence, an area in which a growing number of large tech companies are exploiting.

ChatGPT on Wednesday announced a $20 per month subscription plan that will allow subscribers to get faster responses and priority access to new features and improvements.