The public relations team of Instagram tweeted that the outrage occurred due to a technical issue.

Instagram is a popular social media platform amongst the young generation, acquiring extensive market share among businesses and industries. After the banning of TikTok by the Indian Government, Instagram took advantage of creating a platform of short videos called ‘Reel’ which is currently in demand by companies to promote their products and services in a broader market. 

Many kinds of outages can be the cause of the unavailable network. A network outage is an example where the cause isn’t with the server but the issue lies within the internet connection. Most of the outages are caused due to routing issues that go outside of the control, in such cases, third-party monitoring services might report the website as being unconnected, where the server running fine. 

On 9th March 2023, the Instagram platform encountered a short outage. As per the records on, the application wasn’t functioning for many users with more than 30,000 users reported.   

Instagram’s PR team on Twitter posted that the application was malfunctioning due to a technical issue which was most likely the cause of the outage for most users. Currently, the problem has been solved for all users. 

Earlier tonight, a technical issue caused people to have trouble accessing Instagram. We resolved this issue for everyone as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience,” reads the post shared by the PR team of Instagram on Twitter.

The charts registered by Downdetector for Instagram’s outage have seen outages mostly reported around 7 am (IST). The issues differ for different portals constituting 5% of users faced the problem while logging, 15% of them faced the problem while utilizing the web portal and 81% of them faced the problem in the mobile application. 

After the outage was cleared the updated data on Downdetector demonstrated that the number of affected users had reduced.