The beauty of leadership often involves a holistic partnership of resilience and consistency. Current economy is navigating the pivotal transition of artificial intelligence into the business landscape. Due to the untapped potential of AI, businesses can access data that could accelerate sustainable growth. Business Outreach Magazine has always studied leaders who empower innovation and progress. Today, we want our readers to look into the remarkable success story of Supriyo Mitra.

A Brief History-

Data is everywhere and considered the modern oil of civilization. With proper tools, businesses can dive into their market trends and grow their revenue with technology. Supriyo Mitra and Pranoy Dhar are strategizing to build an AI powered marketplace called EZVYAPAR, where industry experts and freelancers can collaborate with local businesses with stellar digital marketing services and IT Solution. Both Pranoy and Supriyo met in college while studying Electronics Engineering and aimed to create this stellar product. 

We often question our purpose of life, while experiencing difficult life-altering situations. Supriyo started as a freelancer in the industry of Performance Marketing after facing severe financial challenges. His dedication and knowledge allowed him to garner local projects which helped him build his reputation and service quality in the market. 

Struggles and Success Story-

Time helped Supriyo gain more expertise in this sector and he created a team of freelancers, who are working on building an AI focused data company, EZVYAPAR. Supriyo Mitra’s leadership capabilities are significantly marked with efficient planning that could help 90% of global businesses to bolster their sales and inventory management with AI. EZVYAPAR is the sister company of SmallTownTalks, which has been Supriyo’s vision since 2020. 

SmallTownTalks under Supriyo Mitra’s leadership have worked with more than 70 businesses in several industries like fashion, jewelry, travel, education, restaurant chains, finance, interior designing, D2C, Ecommerce and Construction. SmallTownTalks, being a bootstrapped company has successfully worked with clients like TMT, Rapido and many others. In 2022, Supriyo Mitra won the Best Tech Entrepreneur Award by NASSCOM. 

Key Takeaways-

The tech and entrepreneur industry is very competitive which inspired Supriyo to excel further with compassion and his team building skills. Artificial Intelligence is dictating the sustainability and growth of technology and Supriyo Mitra has an objective to further master this rich domain. 

When we asked him about his note of inspiration, he said, “Believing in yourself is the only risk you take in life, which is absolutely worth it.” No matter what hurdles came to Supriyo’s path, he has addressed those with optimism and hard work. Such a perspective towards life will take Supriyo Mitra to more benchmarks of success.