The purpose of our lives shapes how we lift ourselves up. Sometimes, challenges can really test our patience & seem difficult in life. The bigger goal is to always learn from these obstacles & figure out how to make positive changes and assist others. Isn’t this what makes humanity beautiful? It’s like one hand helping another, creating a supportive community of knowledgeable and wise people. Business Outreach Magazine focuses on the hope that exists in human life. 

In this journey, we encounter leaders who play a crucial role in today’s society. These forward-thinkers have not only overcome their own challenges but have also helped others find a path to complete well-being. Today we want you to gather your thoughts on understanding the inspiring story of the Best Mind Trainer in India, Mr. Sudarshan Sabat. 

A Brief History-

When we talk about devotion and passion, Mr. Sabat’s journey can be positioned as the epitome of learning. Success that holds our lives together often comes down to things like compassion, humbleness and consistency. Mr Sabat’s sole motive since the beginning of his career has been to grow and he always wanted to create an effective pathway for others to grow along with him 

Mr Sabat is the Founder and Chairman of ‘Sudarshan Group of Company’ and has millions of followers across various platforms of his social media. All of the respect and positivity are the results of his contribution. For the last 6 years, he has always helped people live an extraordinary life. He has been relentless in channelizing his mind power techniques to teach others how to find a productive reason to live a happy, healthy and a peaceful life. He believes that every person he helps can transform themselves and contribute to a greater good towards society. 

As an editorial, we often come across the vastness of positivity from such leaders. Mr Sabat came to Mumbai in 1995. He always had a peak curiosity level to explore new things around him. This curiosity has helped him acquire the valuable skills and knowledge required to become successful. He started his career with a monthly salary of Rs. 1, a clerk at a private company and over the years, Mr Sabat constantly reinvented his skills according to the market trends. After gathering more experience, his interest got drawn towards ‘Sales’. From 1999 to 2010, his hard work paid off as he became the No. 1 Sales Executive, No. 1 Sales Team Leader and the No. 1 Sales Manager. Not only this, Mr Sabat took up a franchise business in 2011 with the same private company. He excelled in it as well & remarkably became the No.1 franchisee owner for 3 consecutive years. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

After achieving the pinnacle of success in the sales industry, Mr Sabat wanted to explore the world beyond. His hard work and experience taught him that ‘Complete dedication towards a goal can make you achieve great results’ and with this growth mindset, Mr Sabat decided to 

entered into the Training Industry and dedicated his life for others. Mr Sabat always wanted to equip himself with more skills. Therefore, he implemented his knowledge upon himself and from self learning he expressed to us that the journey was all about finding the inner potential that motivated him to transform his life. 

An interesting fact that he shared with us is that his aim was not just to provide tools to grow in life or just to motivate others to develop certain skills or simply discuss success techniques with people. He always valued results that would help his participants create a life filled with good health, sustainable wealth, happiness and a peaceful life. Making people achieve mastery of all these things made him a ‘Master Mind Trainer’. 

From 2014, Mr. Sabat believes that while academic knowledge creates the foundation of a person’s personality, success training shapes it to excellence. In order to get success in life he has gathered several training sessions from about 15 gurus. He has worked for several Years to develop a tailored process, where he mentors millions of people to meet their true potential. He wants everyone to learn how to master their inner strengths that are found within every individual. This deep calling has given Mr Sabat a vision to help 10% of the Indian population to achieve Financial Freedom in their lives. 

Mr Sabat has touched lakhs of people by conducting more than 500 seminars. Along the way, he created more than 250 trainers as well. He has delivered more than 200 webinars on PAN India level and has successfully completed more than 100 life-changing workshops till date. 

The list of Mr Sabat’s achievements is endless. He has won more than 50+ National and International Awards like Mahatma Gandhi Puraskar, Most Admired Global Indians award, World’s Best Mind Trainer, India’s Best Mind Trainer, Asia’s Best Mind Trainer and many more. He has a 5 star rating and about 1,800+ reviews on Facebook. 

Key Takeaways-

He loves to call himself an ‘infopreneur’. Over half a decade, he has created 11 companies and wrote about 24 books. Out of these, there are 12 Mind Series books which are already published in the market, like Mind Winner, World Winner, Rich Mind Blueprint, Dare Your Mind To Think Beyond, etc. While the remaining 12 Success Series books are in the publication process and are getting ready to be launched later this year. Even after his long list of achievements, he has always stayed humbled across his journey. Whenever someone asks him about his success, Mr Sabat says that “He is just getting started!” 

“Every medicine in the market comes with an expiry date. Similarly, every problem in our life comes with an expiry date.” – Sudarshan Sabat 

Mr Sabat in his life has faced multiple problems but the most difficult one came to him in the year 2019. While conducting his signature 8-day Train The Trainer Program, he came to know about the unfortunate demise of his father. While staying extremely overwhelmed emotionally, Mr Sabat chose to stay back and complete his training program. He managed to complete a 2 day program in a single day, but he didn’t share the situation with the participants until the program was over. He upheld the commitment to his craftsmanship. More than that, he portrayed an invaluable lesson that showcased his focus on creating a positive impact on society. In the coming 5 years, Mr Sabat is planning to create more than 1,000+ trainers that will work like him to share this knowledge with society.