Edudoor is India’s 1st Teacher Hiring & Teacher Educating Platform where teachers get a
collection of teaching jobs and opt for numerous Teaching & Development courses to develop
themselves as India’s best teacher and to start their career in the teaching industry.
Academic organizations are happy to hire quality teachers on the basis of pre-quality checks,
rating & reviews of teachers given on Edudoor Teacher Hiring portal, It helps
academic organizations in hiring quality teachers in less effort, time and money and also
eliminating the painful and long hiring model of the education industry.
The Founder & CEO of Edudoor, Mr. Prem Ojha says, “Without a teacher we cannot imagine a
civilized and prosperous society”. There was a time when India was called ‘Vishwaguru’ and our
country was the main center of education in the world. Today, we have lakhs of academic
institutions to take education but our teacher pupil ratio is decreasing year by year.
Shortage of teachers is the biggest problem of our country and for the solution of this problem,
we started Edudoor- India’s first Teacher Hiring & Teacher Educating Platform, where you
will not only find teachers, but also well-trained mentors.
We have created an academic hiring portal, where academic organizations can list themselves
and promote their teaching jobs across India and teachers can list themselves for teaching Jobs
and get regular updates about jobs and can also easily contact academic organizations through
our job search engine.
We are educating teachers as well who want to grow their career or start their career in the
education industry. It’s adding values in the teaching profession and giving meaningful
livelihoods to billions of teachers.
Edudoor is bootstrapped startup with a team of 30 individuals, We are reducing effort, time
and cost of academic organization in their hiring by using technology & artificial Intelligence in
their teaching hiring ecosystem. Recently Edudoor raised a seed fund from Govt. of Bihar
under startup Bihar and was also recognised as one of the most potential startups of the State.
Prem Ojha said, “He always wanted to do something for the society & by giving employment to
teachers and fulfilling the teaching workforce gap in academic organization creates a positive
impact on millions of parents, students, teachers and academic organization and this makes him
feel proud that nothing can be more than strengthening education”.