There have been immense developments in technology and science over the recent years. One cannot deny the benefits of connected systems and sustainable ecosystems. Most importantly, technological advancements should always proceed for the progress of civilization. Business Outreach Magazine brings to your eyes the remarkable steps of a leader, who has been a successful angel investor and a serial entrepreneur for over a decade. 

A Brief History-

Dr. Periasamy Pradeep Ravichandran, Founder of BiggDa Aero Analytics, has been innovating significantly in drone technology. But his expertise lies greater towards his efforts to invest in more than 45 startups and being a mentor for others. 

We cannot deny the countless opportunities brought by entrepreneurship. It boosts the economy, develops great products and creates jobs for a nation. In Dr. Pradeep’s childhood, his parents were highly focused on education. Looking into the development of the market trends, Dr. Pradeep is very vocal about excelling in an entrepreneurial mindset along with education. But he says that if I can champion this thought, it will help his next generation to pick up lessons from his work. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

When it comes to knowledge, Dr. Pradeep has a Doctorate in Drone Technology from Swiss School of Business Management. He is an Alumni of IIM Calcutta on Entrepreneurship programme and IIM Indore on Business Analytics programme. Dr. Pradeep also studied Masters in Aerospace Engg from Queen Mary university of London. 

What’s rejuvenating about Dr. Pradeep’s success story is his consistency in learning and researching about new technologies and knowledge. He is a patent holder in the area of drones and BiggDa Aero Analytics now working with drone technology where they are aiming to be pioneers in the industry. 

Under the supervision of Dr. Pradeep Ravinchandran, the company has worked with emergency drones, jumbo drones and safety drones with further plans to bring consumer based drones to the market. 

Key Takeaway-

BiggDa Aero Analytics is Dr. Pradeep’s third venture with the first two in edtech and foodtech. Currently, the company is hugely innovating on drones for women safety and heavily researching drones for children safety. Dr. Periasamy Pradeep Ravichandran has won several awards like Innovator of the Year 2023, Business with Innovative Concept from Internatiquote Excellence Awards in 2023, Best FoodTech in Tamil Nadu by Blindwink from Actress Soha Ali Khan and many others. Dr. Pradeep shares that the road of entrepreneurship is filled with roadblocks. 

The biggest one is to tackle financial risks behind a new innovative strategy. He is playing a pivotal role in tailoring his research and developments with the power of artificial intelligence. When we asked Dr. Pradeep about his take on optimism, he said a quote by Richard Branson, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”