We are thriving among the digital ecosystem of society. Today, businesses are deeply attached to data and latest market trends. In such a critical juncture, where the scalability of an organization depends on pivotal leadership, Business Outreach Magazine seeks nothing short of inspiration. Today, we want our avid readers to look closely towards the success story of a remarkable visionary, who not only redefined strategic thinking, but also consistent growth in self learning. 

A Brief History-

Arnab Ganguly has phenomenally positioned himself as one of the top 100 Digital Leaders in the current time. Currently, Arnab has been championing his leadership expertise at Tata Digital, where his skills underline pivotal business domains like Business Intelligence, Marketing and Customer Experience. But what’s more interesting to decipher from Arnab’s entrepreneurial mindset is his priority to grow the revenue of a business. 

Over the years, some of his forte has significantly expanded into Business Strategy, Performance Marketing, Customer Experience and Leadership. Arnab Ganguly has been compassionate towards his duties which has allowed him to gain more knowledge on popular industry tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics (GA4), Power Bi, Tableau, Looker, Full Story – Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe – CJA, Google Ads and several others.

Struggles and Success Stories-

Some of the achievements of Arnab Ganguly include Case Study featured in Global Case Study at Facebook Inc, Mavens of Data Insight and Audience Award and Case study on Data Driven Precision Marketing – Full Story and Google Cloud. Arnab is very conscious of an action-driven strategy, where his leadership abilities ultimately concludes a company’s scalability. 

Most importantly, one of the key skills of a leader is communication and Arnab Ganguly supasses all expectations. Something that has always placed Arnab apart has been his team-coordination techniques and enormous humility towards others.      

Key Takeaways-

With over 18 years of experience in Digital Transformation, Strategy and Marketing along with 8 years in Omni Channel marketing across Tesco (UK), Landmark Group (UAE & INDIA), Mothercare, Justice & COACH (INDONESIA) and TRANSMART CARREFOUR, Bank Mega, METRO & PFI Mega LIFE (INDONESIA), one can imagine that the purpose of professional fulfillment has been well-addressed. But Arnab Ganguly believes that life’s purpose can be synonymous to continuous knowledge.