The founder of Koo, Mr. Mayank Bidawatka has declared that Koo could be utilized with ChatGPT to create attractive posts. 

Koo app is an Indian-based micro-blogging platform competing with Twitter. Koo has declared its integration with Chat GPT to make users create any posts without any hesitation, as per the statements made by the company’s co-founder to Reuters. 

The beginning of Open AI software has triggered the tech industry, an estimation has been made that a lot of jobs regarding content creation, article composing, digital marketing, etc would be done with the help of AI. 

During the month of February, the two common tech Companies, namely Microsoft and Google disclosed their individual AI chatbots that can collect data from the internet and present it in front of users as per their searches. 

Snap Inc, the holding company of photo-messaging app Snapchat, also disclosed their AI chatbot which is known to possess the quality of a playful and amiable tone. 

According to Bidawatkar, Koo would be the first platform to amalgamate with ChatGPT in the industry of Micro-blogging platforms. Koo’s combination with ChatGPT will assist users to design the posts via typing or through voice command functionality.

Mr. Mayank Bidawatka stated that currently, 20% of Koo users are content creators in the application. This combination of ChatGPT might boost the figure through the post-composition process. 

Koo will also research to indicate by adding labels to a post that was created with the help of ChatGPT. “I think people should know if the content is AI-generated,” Bidawatka said.

Additionally, GrammarlyGO is a new Artificial Intelligence assistant propounded by Grammarly to provide enhanced services. The functionality of GarmmarlyGO would be similar to ChatGPT, offering writers the to use AI to improve work and quality of writing. 

GrammarlyGO is packed with a handful of features. It includes customizable voice options to recite text and AI technology to facilitate idea brainstorming sessions with users.