Banking system is the backbone of any country in the world. Post covid pandemic the sector has been seen growing at massive rates as compared to others. In the last few years many significant changes and developments were made in the banking sector/ system to make it more robust, friendly, and efficient. Post Covid the banking interest rate was moderate in the US economy, but the pandemic hit has brought an adverse change in the interest rate. With increase in the inflation the Central Bank of the USA has increased the rates to cope with the inflation. Despite the increasing interest rates and bankruptcy of the financial institutions, the banking sector is performing  well and the investors have a positive outlook for the sector in the near future. This article will give you a deep insight into some of the top Banks in the USA.

Some of the top Banks in the USA

1. CVB Financials

CVB Financials

Financial Bank being one of the largest banks in the USA. The company is a holding company of Citi Business Bank. The company was founded in 1974 in California. The bank has ranked 1st as the America’s Best Bank 2023 in Forbes list. The company is listed on the US Stock exchange. The business of the company has two different models, Business financial and Commercial Banking, and Treasury department. 

Over the period, the company has shown tremendous growth in terms of business operations and revenue and profit terms. 

2. First Financial Bank

First Financial Bankshares

Based in Texas, USA, the company is a financial service institution, founded in 1834. The bank is a regional bank which is operated by First Financial Corporation. The bank is the fifth oldest national bank in the USA. The bank offers a variety of financial services across the country. It includes cash management services,  lease finance, debit cards, online banking, and other banking services. In 2021, the bank has acquired Hancock Bank & Trust for $31.3 million.

The bank is a public national bank and is listed on the US stock exchange.

3. Enterprise Financial Service

Enterprise Financial Service

Founded in 1988, Enterprise Financial is a financial service banking company headquartered in Missouri, USA. The company has been named as the third best bank in the USA in the forbes 2023 list. 

The bank is listed on the US stock exchange Nasdaq and has a market cap of around $1.4 billion. The bank has been reporting increasing revenue from the last few quarters and showing significant growth. 

The bank has a wholly owned subsidiary Enterprise Bank & Trust, which the company merges in the year 2021 for around $346 million value.  

4. Columbia Bank

Columbia Bank

Based in Washington, USA, Columbia Bank is a banking company founded in 1993. The company is specialised in the service of personal , business and wealth management. The bank also has a robust system of finance, load processing, card services, and related professional banking aid. The bank also offers private banking, trust and investment services. Columbia bank has more than 2100 employees and is listed on US stock exchange. The bank financial has shown a positive trend in the revenue and profit margins in the past few years.

5. Bank OZK

Bank OZK

One of the major regional banks in Arkansas was founded in 1903. The bank is involved in the provision of community banking services. The bank offers a range of services to its customers including loans, CASA service, investment, currency and other core banking services. The bank was spotted in the Global 2000 list of 2023, at a rank of 1835 and named as the Best In the State bank in 2023. In 2023, the bank reported a robust revenue of $1.6 billion with a net profit of $601.5 million. The bank is listed on the US stock exchange Nasdaq and has a market cap of $4.2 billion.

6. Prosperity Bancshares

Prosperity Bancshares

The financial service provider Prosperity Bancshares was founded in 1983 based in Texas. The company operates in a large network with around 290 branches. The bank provides various financial and banking services to the customer to ensure the best experience to the customers. 

The bank has been listed on the US Stock exchange New York stock exchange. Prosperity offers services to the individuals, MSME businesses. The bank has also acquired some of the banks and financial corporations to expand its business operations at a vast level.

In 2023, the bank reported a revenue of $1.3 billion and found a spot in the World’s best bank list 2023.

7. Home Bancshares

Home Bancshares

Engaged in the business of provision of financial services, Home Bancshares was founded in 1998 at Arkansas. The bank operates as Centennial Bank and is one of the largest banks in the USA. Banking company has around 225 branches across the country and is listed on the New York Stock exchange. Home has acquired Happy State Bank in 2022 to expand its business operation.The bank has ranked 7th in the list of America’s Best Bank in 2023. The bank offers various financial and banking services through different branches of the bank in the country and ensures a better customer experience and relationship with customers.

8. East West Bank

East West Bank

One of the largest American Financial service company, founded in 1998 in California, USA. The company is a holding company of East West Bank, which is the largest state chartered bank in California. The bank offers various business banking and financial services to retail and commercial business customers.  East West offers services through more than 125 locations in different parts of the world. The banking company has been ranked at 8th in the forbes list of America’s Best Bank in 2023 and at 1185 in Global 2000 list of 2023. The company has reported a strong financial with a revenue of $3 billion in FY23  and is listed on the Nasdaq Stock exchange.

9. Pacific Premier Bancorp

Pacific Premier Bancorp

Founded in 1997 in California, Pacific is a financial service company that offers various financial banking services through its subsidiary Pacific  Premier Bank. The bank offers all the banking services to its customers such as deposits accounts, CASA, loans, investment, currency exchange, cash management and other e banking services. Bank has various branches across the USA and has built a significant customer relationship in the past few years. The bank is ranked 9th in the America’s Best Bank list of 2023. The financials of the banking company has shown a positive growth trend in the last quarters and has expanded its business to multiple locations in the country.

10. Cathay General Bancorp

Cathay General Bancorp

Based in Los Angeles, California founded in 1962, Cathay has been offering the most trustable and best banking customer experience in the sector. Offering facilities of mortgage loans, personal, commercial, vehicle , housing and other related loans, banks also offer various financial services to the customers. The bank operates through multiple branches in different parts of the country. Cathay is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange and has acquired many financial institutions and banks to expand the business and operations in the country. The bank was ranked 10th in the America’s Best Banks in 2023. 


The US banking and financial sector is showing significant growth. The sector has thousands of banking and financial institutions offering various services to the customers. These above listed banks have a tremendous historic record and have been operating since a longer period of time. The banking system of the country has been well managed by the central bank of the USA, federal bank. The Fed has a significant record of banking system management in the country. In the future, the sector is looking positive in terms of growth and investment opportunity.