Ad-free online streaming for movies and TV shows on virtually any device is the promise of both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Netflix has a larger content library and apps for more platforms and devices than that supported by Amazon Prime.

Overview of Netflix and Amazon Prime

OTT platforms have become a habitual place these days mostly due to the wide availability of budget-friendly smartphones and smart TVs. Earlier, Netflix announced a subscription-price revision in India to sustain its growth in the country in the long run. All of Netflix’s plans which are  Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium are available at a much more affordable pricing range. However, rival platforms like  Amazon Prime, which is still available with a  much more affordable subscription and offer original quality content and curated shows/ movies. If you’re wondering how these platforms tackle each other in terms of pricing, sustainability, content, quality, and much more then here’s a breakdown.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both lead the video-on-demand (VOD) streaming market in the number one and two positions of active users. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime produce original shows/ web series and movies, have won awards for their amazing content, and provide access to popular licensed programs that cycle through their catalogue.

Unlike other streaming platforms, Amazon Prime Video only has a single plan. Prime’s one-size-fits-all offering comes with a Prime membership and includes plenty of perks, like standard 4K Ultra HD video quality. Netflix, on the other hand, offers a three-tier model, with plans like Basic, Standard, and Premium subscription. We’ll discuss more Amazon Prime and Netflix in our article.

Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, the entertainment company has grown from a DVD mail-order service to a global Internet TV sensation. Netflix has undergone several ups and downs since its inception in the year 1997 but evolved dramatically over the years to become the global leader in mainstream media. It’s the most common digital name today when it comes to an OTT ( Over the top ) platform.

Netflix is an online streaming video-on-demand subscription service that provides its customer base access to a massive list of movies and TV shows/ web series from around the world for a nominal monthly subscription or annual fees.

Amazon Prime Video is a digitalized subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service owned and operated by Amazon which was founded by Jeff Bezoz that offers a multitude of movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy specials, and further on. It costs INR 999 for a year which allows viewers to enjoy unlimited video streaming and ad-free music on the top of Amazon-exclusive deals plus free two-day shipping after a 30-day free trial.


  • Netflix offers an extensive library of titles including its own in-house documentaries as well as series whereas The library and content of Amazon Prime aren’t as extensive as compared to what of Netflix.
  • Netflix is more expensive In India, Netflix’s mobile plan starts at Rs 199 and goes up to Rs 799 per month whereas Prime is much cheaper than Netflix. Users are charged INR 999 annually and INR 129 monthly for using Prime.
  • Just 897 Netflix movies are not Rated whereas 31,066 of Amazon Prime’s movies aren’t Rated, which means the movies are too old for a rating or are too small to go through the rating procedure.
  • Netflix provides limited downloads to its users Whereas Amazon Prime Video does not have any limit on the number of downloads. You can enjoy more freedom when it comes to downloading from Amazon Prime.
  • Netflix broadcasts 4k and HDR content and it excels in video and sound quality respectively making it stand out from its competitors whereas Amazon Prime Video fails to play high-resolution HD content on low-speed connections.
  • You can only stream movies or Web/TV series on Netflix whereas Amazon Prime offers Amazon Prime Music and faster Amazon delivery services.
  • Netflix supports a wide range of devices including gaming consoles whereas most of the Gaming Consoles do not support Amazon Prime Video as of now.

Thorough Comparison – Netflix Vs Amazon Prime 

User experience (UX) – Netflix Vs Amazon Prime 

Netflix has a smooth, nicely-optimized user interface that is easy to use on several different devices and is very interactive with its user base. On the other hand, Amazon Prime’s interface is more complicated and unsegregated making browsing and overall navigation, a bit more complicated for the user. 

App Usage – Netflix Vs Amazon Prime 

Even though Amazon’s user interface falls short compared to Netflix’s, its app actually works quite well with Amazon devices, like Alexa and the Echo speaker. Whether you are casting through an Amazon Fire TV Stick or watching with a mobile phone, Amazon manages your other streaming services/platforms, like HBO GO, Netflix, and more. Netflix offers continuity across devices, while Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, doesn’t. Amazon’s interface shines when it comes to the company’s own content, but the platform is also a viable interface for other apps. And one of the greatest parts of the Amazon Prime Video app is the number of channels and apps that are available on the platform.

Subscription – Netflix Vs Amazon Prime

The subscription plan for Netflix falls under four different categories

  • The Mobile-only plan costs INR199/- per month which comes to a total of INR 2388/- annually. Netflix Users can access only one screen at a  given time and watch HD content at standard resolution.
  • The Basic plan costs INR 499/- monthly which comes to a total of  INR 5988/- annually. Users can access one screen on mobiles, tablets, computers, or TV at a given time.
  • The Standard plan costs Rs 649/- per month which comes to Rs 7788/- annually. Users can access two screens on mobiles, tablets, computers, or TV. and watch HD content.
  • The Premium plan costs INR799/- monthly which comes to a total of INR 9588/- annually. Users have access to four screens on mobiles, tablets, tv, and computer and watch HD content at higher resolution.

Amazon Prime Subscription falls under two categories

The first plan starts at INR 129 which is a monthly plan. The second is the annual plan for Rs 999/-. Along with the video service, prime delivery and music service is also accessible to users. This is why most viewers prefer Amazon Prime over Netflix.


PlatformsAmazon Prime VideoNetflix Basic
AdsNoPromotes its own Amazon exclusive movie or series.
Monthly Subscription PriceINR 129/mo.INR 199/mo.
Streaming Quality4KStandard
Number of titles40,000+15000+
Original ContentAvailableAvailable
Free Trial Period30 daysNo Free Trials

Device Compatibility – Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video: 

  1. Amazon devices
  2. Amazon Fire TV
  3. Android devices
  4. Android TV
  5. Apple TV
  6. Google Chromecast
  7. iOS devices
  8. Nintendo
  9. Roku
  10. Smart TVs 
  11. Web browsers
  12. Xbox 


  1. Amazon Fire TV
  2. Android devices
  3. Apple TV
  4. Google Chromecast
  5. iOS devices
  6. Nintendo 
  7. Nvidia Shield 
  8. PlayStation 
  9. Roku
  10. Smart TVs
  11. Wii
  12. Web browsers
  13. Xbox 

Streaming Quality – Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime have great streaming quality respectively. This is particularly for mobile devices and PC monitors. Viewers are satisfied equally with both these service providers in terms of Streaming quality as they enjoy the content.

Is Netflix better than Amazon Prime?

Shows offered by both platforms are very competitive content. Which makes it tougher to choose anyone between the both of them. Over time, the meaning of the phrase “Netflix and chill” has evolved in people’s lives. It has gained popularity on the internet and users are actually using Netflix more to chill and enjoy the engaging content Netflix is being denoted as a place where people go to chill out their busy lives. What Netflix does is, it premiers every episode of a season in one go, tempting audiences to binge-watch a series upon release.

You might’ve seen everyone going crazy about shows they can’t get enough of (The Crown,  Stranger Things, Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, for starters), these are Netflix originals. The original movie selection includes 2020 Oscar nominees like The Two PopesMarriage Story, and The Irishman.

Netflix has become such a trusted source in the industry that any good content that is available for streaming in it is instantly boosted attention just by being on the platform. So, the question is no longer whether someone wants Netflix, they already have it one way or the other ( If you know what I mean, Just Kidding )

You will find Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and similar more regional movies on Prime but not on Netflix. Netflix has a rich library of international content but regional content is lacking and that still needs to be focused on. But Netflix is also expanding in India slowly and planning to tie up with local production houses to produce regional content for the regional audience.

Netflix’s entry into making movies and series in regional language might prove game-changing as a large part of India’s audience prefer to watch content in their native language which I guess will be a barrier-breaking move for Netflix.

However, Amazon evidently recommends that it is a quantity more than quality. However, Netflix also has more titles in IMDb’s lists of the top 250 TV shows and movies, which combine user ratings and popularity to determine its rankings. So it gets quite tough to decide between both. Still, you can enjoy different content from both the platforms and chill.

Is Amazon Prime getting better than Netflix?

While Netflix may have content in every genre, Amazon Prime has a much greater library of more than 24000 movies and 2100 TV shows. Most of Amazon’s content is recognizable but older Hollywood films. Amazon lets you buy new episodes of shows right after their initial broadcast, a feature that Netflix clearly lacks.

Which is cheaper –  Amazon Prime or Netflix?

Amazon Prime offers cheaper packages of Rs 129/- monthly or Rs 999/- annually. Amazon Prime offers a special subscription of Rs499/- annually.

Netflix starts from monthly packs of Rs 199/- and has three more monthly packs for Rs 499/-. Rs649/- and Rs 799/-

What is the main difference between Netflix and Amazon Prime?

The main difference is in the subscription plan and the type of content offered. Amazon prime offers cheaper prices with added benefits like Amazon Prime Music, 2-day free shipping, easy access to Amazon sales, etc. Amazon Prime has more regional content whereas Netflix specializes in International English movies and shows. Netflix has great international content and does not compromise on content quality.

Why is Netflix costly in India?

The most obvious reason seems to be undercutting the competition, which has long been less expensive than Netflix. Even with the price drop, the latter’s cheapest service remains 78 cents more than Amazon Prime’s lowest level. And Disney+ Hotstar has a service that costs a mere 55 cents per month.

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