ESFI will hold gaming workshops in INOX in addition to tournaments and will use the cinema’s auditoriums as a training facility for gamers.

INOX Leisure Ltd (INOX) and the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) have partnered to give gaming fans a community viewing experience of Esports competitions on large screens. INOX will organise and promote ESFI competitions around the country as an exclusive cinema partner. The multiplex operator has generated a new revenue stream as a result of this. The firm did not divulge the amount of the investment but did say that tournaments will be a ticketed event in addition to sponsorship.

“At this time, there will be no payment for the lectures and workshops.” The end result of these partnerships, however, will generate income for us. The revenue will be tiny at first until we monetise commercial activities such as tournaments, but this is a long-term collaboration, and revenue will come eventually. “This year, we’re focusing on simply creating this category,” Anand Vishal, chief sales and revenue officer at Inox Leisure, told BrandWagon Online. “From the second year, we’ll aggressively look at it as a revenue stream.” The tournament’s ticket prices are expected to vary from Rs 100 to Rs 250. According to insiders, the corporation expects to earn Rs 5-8 crore from the existing arrangement.

According to an E&Y analysis titled Esports In India, India presently has over 1,50,000 professional esports players, generating 17 million viewers across 14 broadcast platforms, with 1.5 million professional players and 85 million viewers across over 20 broadcasters expected by FY2025.

with this collaboration, the two organisations hope to reach individuals aged 14 to 25 who are either gaming fanatics or curious about the world of gaming. According to the exposition chain, it has a 70 million-strong audience, with 45 percent of them belonging to the TG. According to the company, this will allow them to reach a wider audience in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

“With our partnership with the Indian Olympic Association and the Asian Games, Inox has a significant footprint in the sports sector.” We wanted to look at several esports areas, but we didn’t want to be connected with just one tournament or game. When it comes to metro cities, there are several opportunities, but these opportunities are scarce in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We hope to close the gap with this alliance,” Vishal said.