By 2030, India’s economy is expected to rise to become the third largest in the world, according to S&P Global Ratings. According to the rating agency, India’s GDP would expand by 7% in the 2026–2027 fiscal year.

Great things are in store for India’s economy! S&P Global Ratings forecasts that by 2030, India will boast the world’s third largest economy. They predict that India’s GDP will grow by 7% in the fiscal year of 2026–2027. Further, their Global Credit Outlook 2024 also estimates a 6.4% GDP hike for the fiscal year 2023–2024, a slight slide from 7.2% in the preceding fiscal year. Keep your eyes on India; rapid economic progress is projected!

India's economy

Predictions show a ste­ady growth rate of 6.4% for the next fiscal year (2024–2025), followed by a rise to 6.9% and then finally reaching 7% by 2026–2027. Reports from PTI say S&P forecasts India’s GDP will grow to 7% in the fiscal year 2026–2027.

The S&P reports claim fast-paced growth for India’s economy. Over the subsequent three years, it is predicted to progress faster than other prominent economies. By 2030, this places India as the world’s third largest economy. Right now, India ranks fifth, trailing behind the US, China, Germany, and Japan.

The important report stresses how key it is for India to become a center for worldwide production, presenting the country with vast chances. It underlines the need for a robust delivery system to shift India’s economy from a services-focused one towards emphasizing production.

S&P states that worker training and increasing the number of females in jobs is key to harnessing the workforce’s full capability. If done right, confirm to the group, that India can truly benefit from its population advantage.

S&P also mentions that for the upcoming ten years, the growth of high-pace­d, newbie companies will likely be encouraged. Especially in the finance and consumer technology industries. India’s growing homegrown digital market might lend a helping hand.

Also, S&P hints at possible expansion in India’s car industry. They mention building more roads, higher investments, and new ideas as causes.

Just a few days ago, India’s GDP for the quarter of September grew quicker than anticipated, at 7.6%. S&P made a prediction following this.