Modern times have got social media as a blessing for all. People have the opportunity to learn from each other and grow together. LinkedIn is one such social media platform that professionals use to connect with peers and company executives. 

The idea to increase LinkedIn followers plays a pivotal role for a professional in today’s economy. By increasing your LinkedIn followers, you can have a massive reach and build yourself a stronger audience. If you haven’t set up your LinkedIn account, we suggest that you do that right away.

In this piece of information, we will take you through some strategies to increase your LinkedIn followers. On platforms like LinkedIn India, Instagram, and many others, individuals have followers ranging from 10,000 to even more. You can follow these steps to increase your followers on LinkedIn.

Following Group-

You should start following groups that align with your ideas and interests. There are thousands of people in these groups, each with a different set of experiences and perspectives. You will get insights and diverse information from them

By following groups on LinkedIn, you can boost your network, get more knowledge about a specific topic and learn more about how to develop the latest skills. You should be interactive in these groups and your LinkedIn profile will attract more organic reach. 

You should add yourself to a group with a high number of followers and hold a similar value to your interests. 

Applying the strategy of SEO-

As a LinkedIn user, you should use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) technique to raise the strength of your profile. By using the Off-Page and On-Page ways of SEO, your LinkedIn profile will get more reach. An example can be using a specific keyword according to your profile. You can also write articles on keywords and topics that are the latest and trending in the market. 

You can reach a large audience by writing on LinkedIn. A well-crafted call-to-action will boost your LinkedIn profile along with a well-drafted article that holds value to others.

Setting up your account-

It is very important to make your LinkedIn account look professional. It is preferred to keep your background related to your industry. In order to make your LinkedIn profile look beautiful, there are several color templates available. 

Using well-designed images and a professional setting enhances the visual quotient of the LinkedIn profile. Apart from this, using a personalized URL will attract more audiences as it shows exclusivity. 

Connecting with the right people-

You should connect with people who have a similar interest and inclination towards a skill. This also increases the number of different followers in your LinkedIn profile. By doing this, you can get more sales leads for your services and invite various professional opportunities. LinkedIn works as an impressive platform for promoting your product and services. 

Creating your LinkedIn profile with the right amount of followers will work as a strong path to revenue. It is beneficial to join groups with people that match your interests as this will bolster the skills you have with you.

Customizing the feed-

It is very important that you customize your feed and connect with the right people. You should interact with people in the comments section and post articles relevant to the values of your network and yourself. 

Being consistent in posting these articles is also very necessary as your audience can come back to your profile for more useful information. On posting valued content, your content can get picked up by Google and you will witness more traffic.  

Sharing content that is interesting-

You can repost other people’s content and draw some of your insights about those posts or articles. If you find something interesting on the internet, you should post that to your LinkedIn network and share your two cents. 

Adding catchy tiles can attract more followers and inspire them to interact with your posts. Try using a Slideshare account as it leverages your content and makes a post very engaging. 

Being consistent-

You should post consistently on LinkedIn as it will provide more visibility to your audience. If you come short of ideas, LinkedIn has a suggestion page for content, which you can draw inspiration from. 

Pages that post weekly witness more engagement and get more reach organically. Making a proper strategy and posting consistently will increase your followers on LinkedIn. 

There are several ways for you to gain more followers on LinkedIn. Social media is a place of consistency and comes as a marathon and not a sprint. By posting valued content regularly will gain you more audience and help you strengthen your digital profile.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. How to increase your followers on LinkedIn?

Ans– Posting regularly, using SEO techniques, and joining relevant groups are some of the steps to increase followers on LinkedIn. 

  1.  How often is it needed to post on LinkedIn?

Ans– It is advisable to post at least three times every week on LinkedIn.

  1.  Should I stop posting after getting several followers on LinkedIn?

Ans You should maintain a consistent effort to post on LinkedIn in order to get an organic reach for promoting your skills and services in the professional space.