IIT Indore and Larsen & Toubro (L&T) have partnered to carry out collaborative research and development initiatives. On Saturday, the engineering and construction firm announced that it had reached an agreement with IIT Indore in this regard.

The power transmission and distribution division of the construction conglomerate’s digital energy solutions division signed the Memorandum of Understanding for these projects. The projects will address topics related to embedded systems, VLSI circuit design, cloud, edge, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, renewable energy management and control software, and system design and power electronics.

The agreement will “explore and work on activities through the framework set-up across various avenues of engagement,” according to a statement from L&T. With the goal of advancing research and development in renewable energy integration and control technologies, this effort will foster collaboration between industry and academics.

As a result of this agreement, L&T will establish a smart grid solution centre of excellence that will work alongside the learning and experience program for students at IIT Indore.

“IIT Indore will help in providing key research capabilities, research aspirations through R&D projects, dissertation projects, student projects, incubation projects, and so on,” stated Prof. Suhas Joshi, Director of IIT Indore. We are pleased that L&T PT&D has consented to allow IITI students enrolled in this program to use their cutting-edge Digital Energy Solutions Labs in Chennai and Dallas, Texas, for collaborative research projects and project work.

T. Madhava Das, Senior Executive Vice President (Utilities) and Whole-Time Director of Larsen & Toubro Ltd., stated: “L&T plans to collaborate with IIT Indore to foster innovation through incubation of technologies in the field of Digital Energy Solutions and entrepreneurial learning. Our goal is to work together on joint research and development projects in fields that interest us, like cloud computing, edge and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, artificial intelligence (AI/ML), embedded systems, VLSI circuit and system design, and power electronics.

In the past, IIT Madras and L&T EduTech collaborated to develop tailored programs that would upskill the nation’s engineering and science students, with the goal of bridging the gap between industry and academia.

In a letter to the staff earlier this month, L&T chairman and managing director S.N. Subrahmanyan stated that the company needs to be prepared for the significant global shifts that will occur as it restructures long-standing operations like thermal power plants and financial services while embracing new ventures like renewable energy and defence. On October 1, Subrahmanyan took over as chairman and managing director from A.M. Naik.

According to a report by THE WEEK, L&T, a significant participant in the solar energy industry, intends to invest $4 billion in the green hydrogen sector during the next three to five years.