We are often put to challenges that test our capacities to withstand a storm. It cannot be said with certainty that every storm will be overcomed. But as a living species continuously striving to excel and succeed, we can surely have come a long way with our efforts. There is so much to learn from life and so much to achieve from the time that is given to us.

While focusing towards a goal, there are leaders who have also made us understand about the efficacy of the value of self-determination

Ain’t this something magnificent about entrepreneurship? Where we get to choose our own trajectory and build a passion that is scalable and sustainable! Well! Business Outreach Magazine has been eagerly waiting to introduce you to Harsh Kothari, who has been living and winning the journey of a self-made business leader. 

A Brief History- 

Harsh Kothari has always wanted to build his own fortress of achievements that will always be tied with resilience, hard work, and productivity. Being just 28 years, he is the sole proprietor and founder of KOSYNC, a firm that imports various chemicals, especially those used in the PVC-WPC industry. When we spoke with Harsh, we were more than joyful to understand him as a very courageous and outspoken person, who has optimism and gratitude as a pivotal catalyst

But what is even more interesting is that Harsh always has the zeal to create something that he can call his ‘own’. When a person has already decided on punctuality and efforts to rule a career legacy, being able to decompress from time to time is an added positive perspective towards life. Harsh Kothari loves to travel and experience the vastness of human culture. Upon traveling to many countries, he has put himself to so many exciting sports activities like scuba diving, sky diving, and hiking to beautiful trails.  

Struggles and Success Story- 

From the inception of his business career, Harsh Kothari was in the lookout to search for his product that brings a purpose to his business venture plans. Studying a Bachelor in Technology degree in Plastic Engineering, Harsh Kothari has always been fascinated by the usage of plastics in our society. After his post graduation, he joined a stabilizer company based in Indore as a Director. He says that this has been beneficial for him to understand the ropes of a business operation from the ground level.

His eye for details and indomitable focus helped the company’s growth by 25 percent within just a year. In around 2016, Harsh returned to Ahmedabad in search of his product, which he considered as his Holy Grail and to further shape a business model based upon that. Upon researching the market, Harsh was steering towards the vast potential of the PVC-WPC industry. With just a shutdown warehouse as his asset, he went to banks seeking loans for his business. It takes an immense amount of patience to chalk out a business model for sustainable growth and Harsh expresses a sense of accomplishment from being able to do that. 

Key Takeaways- 

The following time was devoted to shortlisting the chemicals that are being used for PVC-WPC sheets which ultimately helps in manufacturing products like PVC doors, door frames, furniture, etc. Coming with limited to no experience in this sector, Harsh had one thing in mind and that was to provide value to the customers with whatever product he chose to make a business about. Without any further ado, Harsh ordered an entire container instead of any trial order and strategized his skills and abilities to develop his business. 

He figured very early in his career that a business runs on trust and effective leadership. Leaders who are believers of macro managing and compartmentalizing duties on the team is what Harsh Kothari empowers. Coming from an engineering background Harsh did not have much know-how about finance, banking, and accounts. So, he learned them along with the entire roadmap of a thriving business. 

Harsh says to us, “It is not the years in your life that counts, It is the life in your years”. KOSYNC under the leadership of Harsh Kothari is currently the second-largest importer of PVC processing aid in India and addresses about 15% to 20% of the Indian market. 

From the inception of KOSYNC in 2016, KOSYNC faced a period of demonetization which caused severe hindrances to the liquid cash flow of the business. During the emerging growth stage of KOSYNC in 2017-18, there was a short supply of securing enough capital from the bank. Due to market volatility, competitors were limiting their imports whereas Harsh increased the volume of imports to meet the customer demands. 

Such trust and reliability helped KOSYNC retain more business and growth. Harsh believes in “Work hard in silence, Let your success be your noise”. He invests his time in learning about new products. Apart from supplying PVC resin, foaming agent, PVC stabilizers, titanium dioxide, lubricants, CPE and other plastic raw materials, Harsh is constantly aiming to diversify his business to create a broad ecosystem for his brand. We wish him untapped success for all his future endeavors.