Founded in 2017, GuruQ is an accumulator of well-established and qualified tutors based on the students’ educational needs including school education, competitive exams and language courses.

India stands as one the countries which is truly an epitome of witnessing digital evolution impeccably over the past few decades. It has unlocked countless levels of technological capabilities from ordering food home to shopping online, making it super convenient to access any service with just a click. Similarly, the digital ecosystem has also aided learning via the internet where individuals- students as well as professionals, can avail the service from anywhere and anytime. Besides all the chaos pandemic has caused in our economy, it has opened doors to many edtech platforms including GuruQ, a digital platform catering convenient tutoring services to students. We can’t deny how tutors play a pivotal role in shaping a student’s future. The requisites for career-building are not just limited to the knowledge books provide. Right tutoring is important in order to pilot the educational journey which will augment the students’ career ahead. Amid the outbreak, where students are struggling looking for the best tutors fulfilling their educational needs, GuruQ steps forward to serve its users the most effortless learning experience by making it more convenient than ever to select the right tutor based on the students’ requirement. 

What is GuruQ?

Founded in 2017, GuruQ is an edtech startup based in Faridabad, which brings tutors and students together on a single platform online from all around the country to make sure the students get the best custom-made learning experience. GuruQ allows its students to choose between online and offline tutoring services. The post pandemic period has fueled the demand for online learning services from across the country. The platform also launched its app in February, 2020, realizing the opportunities Indian edtech ecosystem offers and ensuring seamless access through mobile phones. With more than 15,000 tutors Pan India, it brings certified tutors to its students through the internet. 

GuruQ allows students to search for the tutors matching their category of educational requirement, providing them a student-friendly environment to avail the services of the platform. It is an accumulator of well-established and qualified tutors based on the students’ educational needs including school education, competitive exams and language courses. In addition, it also helps its users to study abroad, offering consulting services with the correct orientation in order to make it easy for students to make career-related decisions.  

The edtech venture started off with a preliminary investment of Rs. 10 crore which later in 2018, expanded by Rs. 2.5 crores from the HNIs.

Objectives of GuruQ

Facilitating a compatible environment for students is crucial for GuruQ to bring out more enhanced learning experience and that is what it focuses on. Parents always find it burdensome to go around looking for just the right tutor who is best suited and is someone they can rely their child’s future on. However, to aid this back-breaking trouble, GuruQ aims to serve the most convenient way to select the tutor in its platform where the users can search for the category of education they are looking for and even compare the tutors’ qualification in order to pick the perfect educator matching your needs. 

GuruQ’s key objective revolves around in favor of the students and their parents providing them the choice of selecting the best tutor in a reasonable fee structure which saves time and effort of the parents and other users. Furthermore it also considers the troublesome work tutors undergo in order to search for teaching students in a particular location or teaching in a particular category, secondary education, language learning course, competitive exams, etc. for instance. Augmenting the platform with Pan India modification, the Haryana-based startup has moved forward one step ahead in the Indian edtech ecosystem, thereby easing the professional life of the tutors as well as bringing forth more convenience for students to avail the services from anywhere and anytime. 

Who are the founders of GuruQ?

GuruQ was founded by a brother-sister duo, Minal Anand and Jai Karan Anand in the year 2017 with the aim of bringing forth an integrated platform for both students and tutors in the most innovative way. 

A Lady with the vision to enlighten the Indian Education System
A Lady with the vision to enlighten the Indian Education System

Minal Anand is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of GuruQ which brings the present-age methodologies in the education system in India. She is a qualified MBA from Boston University and has worked at various well-known establishments including Franklin Templeton, HPL Additives, and Citigroup. The young millennial believes in delivering quality content of education through suitably certified teachers rather than encouraging mugging up as much educational content as available. She aims to make sure the knowledge is inculcated in the most effective, innovative and convenient way possible with the right methodologies in the education system. 

Expressing her views to YourStory on the Indian education system, she said that the major section of Indian students face disadvantage when it comes to the competition with the international learners since the education system in our country pivots its focus on “rote” learning. She further said that the gap between the way education is inculcated and delivered in India and the way it is imparted internationally has pushed her to explore and dive deep into the education-technology sector to bring the best services for Indian students.

How does GuruQ  work?

GuruQ delivers the tutoring services to the students online in just three simple and easy steps. The outbreak of Covid-19 has enabled the online services of imparting education, thereby making it more than just convenient for students to learn from anywhere across the country within no time. Students in GuruQ can look for the best-suited tutors by the following steps:

  • Step 1.- Entering your learning requirement and finding the top listed tutors that coincide with your educational need.
  • Step 2.- Comparing the top tutors shortlisted by GuruQ’s search engine. Students can compare the tutors based on the educators’ experience, reviews from other learners or parents, qualification, etc. 
  • Step 3.- Opting out or selecting the best tutor after the comparison following with choosing the best-suited tuition package to hand out custom-made experience based on students’ requirement.

The learning category which students are expected to search for in GuruQ’s search engine include School Education (pre-primary to higher secondary education), Competitive Exams (NEET, CLAT, JEET, etc.), and Language Learning Courses which include 8 regional languages and 4-5 foreign languages. In addition, it also allows students to study abroad. 

GuruQ brings forth the most convenient and advanced tutoring services for students; here is all you need to know
GuruQ brings forth the most convenient and advanced tutoring services for students; here is all you need to know

Considering the significance of mobile phones in the digital ecosystem, GuruQ has also launched its mobile app which delivers the services in a more advanced way. The company’s CEO claims the app to be a turning point in the platform. The application makes it easier more than ever for both students as well as educators to organize and schedule their classes as and when necessary. The push notifications from the app helps them remind about their time-tabled classes. GuruQ app has a ‘user-friendly’ interface and layouts which enhances the learning experience and makes it seamless and less time-consuming.

How is GuruQ beneficial for students?

Providing the best learning experience with a few clicks online, GuruQ helps students to get the right tutor for shaping their future in the most efficient way. Students are often disoriented regarding their career and more than that, they get bewildered in making the right choice among various learning options. Well, all these problems are aided in a single problem where top- qualified tutors from all around the country connect with the students helping them out with the right guidance and making sure that they not just memorize but gain the quality knowledge from the preferred category. Following are the benefits offered by GuruQ to its students:

  • Students can look for the best tutors from around the country matching their learning requirement.
  • Compare from the best listed educators and choose the right one.
  • Selecting the reasonable learning package which best suits your individual budget.
  • Customize your schedule of classes as and when necessary
  • Get the enhanced learning experience through GuruQ’s mobile app where you get reminders of forthcoming scheduled classes. 

Learning with GuruQ opens a wide scope for students to learn in more than one area. The platform prepares the students for their career by delivering the certified tutors for the competitive exams including JEE, NEET, CLAT, GMAT, CAT, etc. It builds confidence in the students to study more efficiently. Additionally, GuruQ also helps students build their confidence by serving language learning courses which include foreign as well as regional languages. Foreign languages comprise German, Russian, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and English, whereas regional languages consist of Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Urdu, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali and Sanskrit. 

How to become a GuruQ Tutor?

To qualify as a GuruQ tutor, an individual has to go under a few uncomplicated steps online without prolonged formalities. People who want to teach students in their niche via the edtech startup, they have to go through the following steps:

An individual seeking for the tutor job has to sign up on the website or via mobile app as a tutor. The sign up process includes a five-step tutor verification process. 

  1. The first step includes basic details- your name, mobile number, gender, email address, etc. It further asks for your address with exact location and pincode which follows with account verification.
  2. Proficiency test
  3. Complete your profile creation
  4. Choose for the online or offline interview
  5. After the certification, the last step is a background check on the user’s consent. 

Tutors in GuruQ can apply for online as well as offline tutoring based on convenience. They can also opt for group or one-to-one teaching classes. For offline tutoring, tutors can select a convenient location which saves their time and effort to go around searching for students nearby. 

What is GuruQ tutors’ payout?

GuruQ tutors’ payout differs from tutor to tutor based on their demand, experience, qualification, etc. The startup pays its tutors at the beginning of every month for the number of hours they have served the students in GuruQ during the previous month. 

In the Indian education system where educators face a constant struggle finding jobs, especially after the Covid-19 unrest, GuruQ brings them the establishment where they are recognized for their work as well as paid what they deserve indiscriminately. It stands as a fine example of serving the best teaching and learning experience for both teachers and students. 

The Indian edtech ecosystem has witnessed undeniable growth, especially amid the pandemic. Catering the customized services to students, GuruQ faces competition in the edtech space with platforms like CueMath and Vedantu. The platform now aims to augment its operations beyond the territorial borders to serve not just the students in India, but all around the globe. GuruQ is all set to set milestones in the Indian economy and compete with edtech giants like Byju’s. The startup is expected to infuse noticeable growth rate in the Indian edtech segment. Utilizing the modern methodologies from the digital evolution fueling up more than ever, these platforms are bringing up more creative and convenient ways of fulfilling educational needs of students from anywhere and anytime. Platforms like GuruQ are cushioning our country’s digital revolution. India was ranked highly among “Break Out Economies” according to the third edition of the Digital Evolution Scorecard led by China on top.